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Psychology in the Real-World Activity Assignment Drugs in the Workplace Assignment

Psychology in the Real World Activity Assignment Drugs in the Workplace.The presence of drugs being allowed in the workplace is still a controversial issue in the United States (and throughout the world). Some argue that all drugs are OK; others believe that only certain drugs should be deemed acceptable by an organization’s drug policy.Think of the career you are being trained for at College, and determine if drugs in the workplace would hinder or enhance safety for employees and customers.Be specific on the type of drugs (e.g.: prescribed drugs, illegal drugs and/or both) you plan to address in your argument.

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With extensive change in the working standards of the employees, it has become difficult to restrain oneself from drug use at work. There are mainly issues related to the work and social or personal reasons which leads to the consumption of illegal drugs. There are some of the irregular practices, less of sleep with high variable working hours that warns about the relationship between self-perception of a lower social support at work.

Controversy over the drugs in workplace

The use of drugs have always been a major concern for the enterprises and works where the perceiving of alcohol and drug consumption are considered to be the problem source at the workplace. The issues and the controversies are related to the health problems, and the instances of being sick with short term absenteeism (Fernandez et al., 2015). There are reduced performances and the labor conflicts which leads to the damage of products and equipment. The controversy also involves the reduced performance and productive with reduction in the concentration at work. There are other problems like the relationship conflict which brings a major problem and the behavior at work that tends to damage the moral and collective workforce. The negative consequences are the work accidents with changing effectives among the workplace. The perceptions and enterprises confirm that the link is set in between alcohol and drugs use and occupational risks. The costs and the employment consequences are workplace related with alcohol and use of drugs which needs to be handled.

Argument against drugs in workplace

The illegal drugs are harmful, and they can impact the security of the individual in the workplace. According to the Organizational Drug Policy, there are problems about the control and regulations of drugs which are considered to be completely dangerous and addictive. Hence, the illegal drugs should be prohibited and a fine for the offense should be convicted for it. With this, the supply side reduction involves the measures that includes enacting the foreign policy which aims at eradicating any type of the international cultivation of plans that is for making drugs and interception of trafficking (Ghodse, 2017). The drugs are seen to be subjected for controlling and varying from one to the other sector. Hence, the jurisdiction generally regulate with the fact that only prescribed drugs which are medicinal, and the people can take that. The loss of control and compulsion to use of illegal drugs has a major problem for the security of the individual. It is seen that there are impaired judgements, with slow reflexes or motor functions, distortion of the sense of time and impaired memory which brings a major loss of interest. With the excess use of drugs, there are high stress, lower satisfaction of job, less opportunities and repeated duties. With the excessive use of the illegal drugs, the employees are seen to face major issues about the disability payments and contributions which are done to the health. Along with this, the safety is also at risk for the other employees, as an individual is generally looking for getting into more drugs, rather he does not think before hitting the employee.


As per the example of Dr. Carl Hart, available on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzupwJDje_4&feature=youtu.be, he says that the drugs are not the problem but it is on the brain science and the myths related to addiction. Over the time, he saw that 80-90% of the people have been dependent on cocaine, heroin etc. and are addicted to it. The other example he quoted was of Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, who used crack cocaine and also did his job. Even though you consider him and his policies he has come to work and tried to work on the problems, by taking the drugs. The other example is about Marion Barry who is also came to work and did his job. When this is compared to alcohol, 10% of the people are addicted or meeting the same criteria for the crack cocaine. There are people who have wine for dinner. But there is a need to handle the responsibilities rather than getting addicted and judge where there are disruptions mainly in the psychological functioning or not. The recent presidents, of US. all used illicit drugs and they have also been able to meet their responsibilities. Rather they have a higher level of power as well. People are addicted due to the co-occurring and the other illness which leads to the drug addiction. Some of the people find it as one of the effective option which is for them and then they have limitations on the responsibility skills as well. The people need to be concerned about the drug and whether they are vilifying thee drug or not.


Considering the problem of drugs, at the workplace, the work-related reasons and the social or personal reasons are the major factors for alcohol and drugs which are at work. The consumption also leads to the negative workplace related effects with economic problems for the enterprise and economy. The alcohol is a major problem and then there are issues about the professionals in ICT and financial services. The reasons can be differentiated for the other existences for tough physical and uncomfortable working problems like the cold environment, lower work satisfaction and the irregular working time practices which are seen. The self-perceptions of the lower social support brings a major problem with non-human centered work partners involved in handling cultural patterns.

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