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Health Care Business Assignment Help

Discuss a health care business or new service line for an existing healthcare facility that you would like to open. Provide a brief description of your new business or service line. Outline and discuss the economic and market forces that will affect this business.

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Discussion Posting: Health Care Business

The discussion is about the new business line being proposed to the existingframework of operations. I would like to add tele-medicine service to my existing business lineoperations of the health care facility. The current health care facility is located in very much nearer
distance to the regional state headquarters. The location does have good population and the health care centre has about 400 beds and there are good revenues and patients visits, since the establishment. The key obstacle for further expansion of the project is the huge expenses involved in capacity building. In this connection the new business line of operations need to be good revenue generator and at the same time should not be very much expensive and fall within the budget of the organization. Hence to take advantage of the existing specialists as well to take advantage of the new specialists to be recruited to work online, will facilitate a tele-medicine facility for the organization. The organization can able to cater the queries of the patients from the all over the nation and even from outside the country. Patients can book an appointment with a health care consultant online by paying the prescribed fees; they can get their queries answered, can get prescription of medicine for their routine ailments, and also can advise for further medical requirements, just online(Boxer,2019).

The organization can keep an Electronic health record of the patient (EHR) of the patient, who contacted online and further they can be provided with medical care on admission as in-patient based on need basis. The overall cost of the new business line of operations is very
minimum. Typical requirements include only to develop capabilities to cater the online based services, further there is no much expenses needed to spend for procuring new professionals, as they will be hired to serve from their own locations. There is no need for any additional specialist care centres and related infrastructure establishment in the organization. Further it is possible to increase overall revenues in the form of the consultation fees, which will be charged online for contacting the tele-medicine service. At the same time, the overall intake of the patients into the existing health care facility will increase, as there is sufficient scope to prescribe some of the patients to join the organization when they take up the service advice online. This will contribute to the improvement in the occupancy of the health care facility and will further boost up the revenues. Also a brand image of quality and reputation can contribute more patient turning-in into the health care facility.

Apart from these immediate short terms benefits, if the organization managed to keep up its image of quality and standards in medical service; it is possible that the organization can get numerous benefits as there can be loyalty possible from the existing customers, new customer can visit the service and take up the in-patient services as well. Also, the quality oriented brand image of the organization can help the organization to innovate its services domains to much wider boundaries and supports to take up new business ventures in future. Tele-medicine service, business line of operations of the organization is a very much prospective business line of operations and it has all the necessary characteristics to ensure better profits and sustain for long term. A critical investigation of the patient response to the proposed tele-medicine services, the type of service requests being raised by the patients, the type of queries turning out all will be subjected to critical investigation and based on the actual data obtained in this regard, more changes will be made to the organization service profile and this in turn can work on to make the service even more versatile and useful. Continuous improvement of the service and its profile of operations can work for betterment of the service outreach to more cross section of the patients and of course will also
contribute for better revenues to the organization (Zanaboni &amp; Wootton, 2012). gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated Health Care Business assignment help services at best rates!

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