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Hegemonic Struggle In Pop Culture Today Assignment Help

For this thought paper, please identify a instance of hegemonic struggle in pop culture today or in pop culture historically. Your example can be from North American culture or can be from pop culture somewhere else you might be more familiar with. Your example can be taken from the pop cultural contexts of movies, internet, social media, sports, or music. Please analyze who''s struggling in your example--who''s winning and who is losing--make sure to use the terminology of resistance and incorporation in your analysis.

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Pop culture also known as mass culture or popular culture is based on the culture, practices, objects, beliefs and the member of the society which are dominant in the society in a specific set of period. With the dominant objects when interactions are done, as a result, many feelings or activities are produced. Mass media of the contemporary time has a great influence in shaping the popular culture which is again proving to be another aspect in shaping and influencing everyone’s life of the given society which is inclusive of the pop culture (Ferner, 2017).  There are many ways in which pop culture could be defined. Sometimes, it is possible to introduce conflicting ideas to define the pop culture which might have its effect differently on individuals. This is the reason pop culture cannot have a basic definite definition. Pop culture is considered as belonging on the contrary side of the other existing cultures like folk culture, high culture or working-class culture. There is also another perspective which is mostly theoretical like postmodernism, psychoanalysis, structuralism and others. A specific particular group of people or practising social aggregation predominantly in the society is called hegemony. This was a common practice in the United States of America.

With this reference, the James Bond ‘‘007’’ movie series is the ultimate example in defining the hegemonic struggles in America (Jewkes et al., 2015). This movie series had acted as a medium to diffuse the values of America worldwide through the industries of the motion picture. It is considered to be the masterpiece in portraying the pop culture phenomenon. The films were under the control of the U.S funding which leads in reflecting the perspective of America in a vivid way. In between the films, there are lines in the movie scripts which are rumoured to be included where the positivity was urged to link with the United States and also legitimated the values following the acceptance of the dominant position of U.S.

Proceeding further in the story of James Bond, hegemonic masculinity can well notice which has made its appearance throughout the series of the movies. The practice of male dominance over females has been continued. This portrayal of the hegemonic masculinity in the movie not only showed the male predominance in the families but in the social public sphere establishing its true existence (Porterfield et al., 2015). However, at the end of the movie, James Bond was observed to change the tone towards the females, which again constructs a new idea and changes the idea of masculinity to feminism. Here, primarily it is shown that the males are taking the upper hand hence, being portrayed as the one whom always win, however, in the end, the story changes where women empowerment takes a turn to make the male dominant society to be the loser and them the winner. The resistance in the aspect of objectifying the women were missing in the first half of the movie however it was incorporated in the end by the ultimate trendsetter.

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