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Advanced Accounting


Question 1: Nursing

Answer: In my own experience, I have come across an instance where the nurses are abiding by their spiritual rituals, such as the Muslims women's are supposed to pray once a day which would be early to the sun rise and before the sunset, and I could see that she used to sit in a bent positon in a separate room for few minutes a worship. Our head of the leader didn't like it, as she thinks it's causing hindrance to the fellow colleagues and creating a disturbance. She mentioned it was not allowed to worship within the hospital campus. It certainly created a ruckus, as most of the patients belonging from the different religions also protested. This episode, also made the Muslim nurse feel differentiated and also felt biased. Rest of the Christian and the other religion nurses were also in the favor of allowing the spiritual nurses to practice religions (Chan, 2015).

Question 2: Explaining the importance of allocating the income tax expense figure between the members of a business combination, and by what means can this task be accomplished.

Answer: I agree to the post shared by my colleague and the opinions shared related to the class discussion forum of the explaining the importance related to the allocating the income tax expense figures (Brown, 2016). It has also included the members of the business combination, that have channelized it into the task to be accomplished. It has also included the allocation of the income tax expede which would be included in the subsidiaries that can help to produce the financial statements that can be included in the loan or a future issuance of the equity. I also agree that the expense attributed was indeed from the subsidiary and in the basis calculating with the net income and to be analyzed with the noncontrolling interest It would also be including the allocation of the income tax expense that can be done through the accomplishing with the several methods. The analysis has also interpreted that how there can be expense charging with the subsidiary and on the basis of the percentage to the total taxable income from each company.

Question 3: Advanced Accounting

Answer: To evaluate how there can be a business combination, I agree to the post shared by my colleague related to the major company which has attributed with the opportunity that can also be gained through the appropriately control with the help of the another company, it is also evaluated how there can be most common names which would be able to focus through the two companies that have also determined with the "acquirer" along with the "acquiree". It helps to analyze how there can be a business combination which would be able to take on the necessary discussions related to the acquired company that can be also be analyzed through the full control and can be determined with the acquired company. This also indicates how there can be an acquirer company which would be analyzed with the help of the expansion their business that can be done through the methods which would be analyzed with the currently doing. My colleague has also taken the example of the one business combination which would also be promoted with the help of the AT&T and Direct TV (Davis, 2016).


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