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HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility Assignment Help

1. Distinguish the difference between personal and business ethics in organisation

2. Identify stakeholders role in business ethics, define social responsibility, explore the role of corporate governance in structuring ethics and social responsibility in business

3. Compare and contrast diverse approaches to ethical decision making

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Every organisation has a Code of ethics, which is part of the job policy and procedures. Social media platform Facebook is using the private information of the Facebook users what the marketing process of various third-party vendors. The ethics of using ICT Technology is to keep the private information of the customers protected and safe. But full disclosure of the Facebook users data related to heartbreaks or breakups is used by different organisations. According to the article, for getting over a breakup, these unethical organisations are offering the Facebook users for gaining new experiences. These organisations are empathising the users for travelling, experiencing new things or to take up innovative hobbies. In this essay, the ethical issues related to ICT, the implication of these ethical issues, the feasible solution, the use of ethical theories for overcoming the problem will be described and recommendation will be made for this specific moral solution.

The ethical issues related to ICT of the organisation

There are some major ethical issues which arise because of this use of personal information like the breakup of the marketing of different organisations. These ethical issues include privacy, security and social inclusion.

Security- In this selected article, the primary ethical issue which arises is related to security of the Facebook users (McMurrian & Matulich, 2016). The organisation is using the personal information of the account users for their profit. The breakup is considered as an emotional breakdown and therefore use of some words like Detox, suffering, healing a part of the personal account information of the user (Floridi, 2015). Sharing the status of being single is also misused by the ICT professional of Facebook. The personal information and not safe and secure which is an ethical issue of using Facebook accounts.

Privacy- Privacy is important for the Facebook users because personal data is part of the profile making. The ethical dilemma arises when the privacy is being interrupted by the Facebook professionals by the moral issue of surveillance (Shin, 2015). Using this process of surveillance helps the Facebook professionals in identifying the emotional status of the user, and they can use the advertisement of the third party for targeting the individual.

Social inclusion- Breakup or heartbreak is considered an emotional state of an individual which can be easily overcome with the help of social interaction and communication. But the use of this emotions as part of the marketing strategy for an organisation is creating social inclusion for the Facebook user (Fehon & Garrard, 2017). For gaining experience, they are being separated from the social interaction and communication process which is going to affected life in a long term.

Own decision making process or judgement process

According to Chalghoumi et al. (2017), there is not any good or bad about ICT Technology it is mainly a tool for communication. However, the effect of this technology is dependable on the user in which way they use it. Because of unethical use of the ICT Technology ethical problems arising. This ethical dilemma is not only changing the structure of the business process but also the innovative process are using by organisations are illegal. This agenda can easily be identified as exploitation of customer by using there was no data illegally.
Moreover, the two main implication of the selected issue of Facebook is this is a legal process has used by Facebook, and the customer behaviour is being changed by using this marketing process which is not ethical. These ethical problems are influencing the mind of the customers which is beneficial for the organisations, but for the users, it is causing social inclusion. Due to the social inclusion, the user can be emotionally depressed, and he can also become so lonely then he is feeling after his breakup or heartbreak. (Fryer, 2016) Because of the activity of the surveillance process, any further crime can be processed because the privacy of the account user is disrupted.
Researchers have done their research on this moral issue arises through Facebook. The main problem which has been found out by the researcher lies within the ethical codes used by Facebook. For the best solutions to this ethical problem, as an organisation, Facebook has to change their ethics for business. They cannot use the policies and procedures used for the privacy and security of the customer's details as part of the other businesses (Gordon et al. 2016). Initially, the organisation has to find out the ethical issues within the organisation occurred. It has to develop a committee for gathering the possible information and the parties involved in this ethical problem finally the ethical issue which is involved need to found out.

Following that the standard procedure used by the organisation has to verify and evaluation of the situation need to done by the committee (Shilton & Sayles, 2016). For all this procedure the organisation Facebook need a proper monitoring system which will record all this process and depending on IT Solutions to need to identify for this ethical problem. According to the current situation, Facebook has already developed the new ethics laws for the maintenance of customer data and also trying to give more security and privacy to the private information of the Facebook users.

Relevant ethical moral philosophies

The ethical theories include four different individual theories. Those are utilitarianism, deontology, contract and virtue. All of these ethical theories related to the problems arise because of the use of Information Technology (Wallace & Sheldon, 2015). Facebook is one of the most advanced uses of information technology used for communication and interaction process.

Utilitarianism- This ethical theory mainly focuses on pics action can be taken by maximising the utility. The founder of utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham has described utilitarianism as the best utility of a process can be done by the sum of all the pleasure which has resulted from the action. According to the components of this theory, it is not dependable on what will be the number of points from the action but what will be the result of the ultimate utility. Facebook can use this theory as part of the solution of the arisen ethical problems (Floridi, 2015). For example, for providing privacy to the uses, the organisation can use ethical consideration regarding the use of information technology for only providing privacy to the customers. For that, they have to build up a proper privacy setup and also for the customers to use the setup for their data protection.

Deontology- dermatology is one of the normative ethical theory which highlights that the morality of an action has to base on the action rather than what will be the consequences of that action. The action can be either positive or negative under the several rules used for ethics maintenance (Fehon & Garrard, 2017). It can be said that Facebook has to develop a proper and transparent policy for maintaining the ethics of the company and also need to demonstrate the use of ethical value to the Facebook users. In that case, the action must be ethical enough without thinking about what consequences will arrive after implementing the ethical policies.

Virtue ethics- this normative ethical theory focus on the virtue of character and mind. Virtue is considered as showing high moral standard in the behaviour. This virtue ethics can we use by Facebook as part of the ethical policy of the organisation (Chalghoumi et al. 2017). For that Facebook has to develop high standard morals or ethics as part of the organisational policy where the organisation has to maintain honesty, dignity, integrity, morality and uprightness.

The contract ethics theory-The contract ethics theory is also known as social contract theory which mainly associated with providing unlimited freedom. This contract ethics theory focuses on the challenges of contemporary public administration and also the issues of professionalism (Braswell et al. 2017). For using the contract ethics theory, Facebook has to focus on their concern of maintaining the legitimacy over the customers. The main consideration has to provide on the right agendas which need to fulfil for providing best security and privacy to the users.


Facebook is considered as one of the major communication tools what the use of ICT technology is prominent and useful. But the organisation is using the personal data of the users for part of the illegal marketing process. This process has disrupted on the security and privacy of the users. In the circumstances, Facebook has to develop new software and technologies for providing privacy and security to the customers. The according to the researchers and customers the moral laws and rules did not follow by this organisation and therefore for providing assurance to the users Facebook has to develop new ethical policies for the organisation to maintain which must include the ethical laws (Gordon et al. 2016). In addition to that, they also need to implement the different ethical theories for maintaining the ethics like utilitarianism dermatology contract and virtue theory.


In light of the above discussion, it can be concluded that the use of information technology is creating ethical problems in the business processes. The organisation, Facebook was not able to develop strong ethical policies which have created this current situation. Illegal marketing strategies are used for the information of the customers. At the circumstances for regaining the trust of the customers of not being exploited while sharing their personal information, Facebook has to develop proper ethical policies and has to maintain them by evaluating the effect of those policies to the users. The moral issues which arise because of usage and adaptation of ICT have affected on the emotional customer in purchasing services some different organisations. Therefore it became the responsibility of Facebook to regain the trust of that uses by providing them transparent and honest ethical policies.

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