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Need assessment is a systematic process with which organizational management could identify inefficiencies in their workforce or any other management level. This systematic approach helps in producing better management decisions for upcoming projects. This study will be analysing the current needs in Adidas and what type of training needs they required to develop in order to achieve their future organizational goals. This study will also indulge in pointing out what are the reasons for developing a need assessment for Adidas as well as what are the methods of gathering information for the training and development programs.

Defining the workforce or segmentation

Currently, one of the main concerns of Adidas, the German designing and manufacturer of shoes is to increase its profitability and retain its market position as one of the most popular and wanted shoes brands around the world. After analysing the current needs of development and training programs in this company, it has been identified that an employee training program is required in this organization (Hobbs et al., 2019). This employee training program will underpin needs to develop professionalism and management techniques to correspond to the aim of rethinking this company’s marketing strategies. This training programs will include middle, senior and e-commerce employees. Main aim of this employee training program is to design, examine and deliver both organization specific, individual specific and general capability building for the said purpose mentioned (Hobbs et al., 2019).

Establish environmental context and scope any future needs

The company in the modern era always seeks out competitors in various branches and aspects of a single profession, regardless of its primary specialisation zone. As such, it needs to meet the requirements of the company, without compromising any rules belonging to the industry or its own policies. Environmental branch is also related in such matters holding strict importance and further consequences, on failure to comply. As such, the afore-mentioned company also has a strategic planning for the natural ambience. The company has had a major brush-up of past policies and enacted a new scheme of curricula inducted for the training sessions at the manufacturer’s and auditor’s level to perform and re-scrutinize the assemblage of products and their quality services and their brunt on the immediate market and the environment at large; most companies started the system of e-waste and green sense programs. Eventually, Adidas, although belonging a different sector, altogether at large, benefitted considerably from such a policy on the products in the consumer market as well as on environmental management.

To control human interaction and reduce the damage on the immediate nature, the company devised policies on minimal resource consumption and environmental evaluation of the products. For example, footwear is its original product in the international market, an integrative pathway was made to mediate the systematic flow of originality within the commodities and keep the essence of the same within the code of environmental impact. Equivalently, the profit margin would not be hampered or deterred because of the same policy’s impact (Staikos, 2007). The management committee also sees to it that the company has an employee-boosting scheme due to the world-wide awards.

In the future, the same should be continued with more diligence and newer perspectives and analytical avenues should be sought out and activated with acute care (Fowler, 2007). 

Establish a needs analysis

The need analysis has been based on the three phased model of needs assessment of Adidas. As mentioned in the above section of this assignment, this company needs to develop employees’ competency level by implementing a developmental program. The former needs analysis is described below;

Objective for this management training program

• To develop overall competency level of the employees in this organization

• To better the decision-making process for achieving future accomplishments

The needs assessment model has three parts; the initial part is “exploring what is”, the second part is gathering and analysing data and the third part is making effective decisions.


First step description (Explore “what is”)

As stated above, in the initial part of the need assessment methodology, the project manager in this company helped in setting up a need evaluation committee. Members of this committee are managers, and representative of the employees from the company. The project manager has played the role of a leader in preparing a management plan. After that, in this stage, the management committee has identified major concerns for the need assessment (DeCenzo, Robbins and Verhulst, 2016). Results of the analysis process have identified that currently, Adidas needs to develop a digital learning platform as this organization requires to modify their digital marketing platforms. This assessment committee has identified information should be gathered form data collection. The information has been gathered from a survey of the employees exist and working in the company. The primary priorities in this assessment process is to acknowledged lacks in the current marketing process of Adidas and what are the role of employees in marketing operations (adidas-group.com, 2019). Graphical picture of the activity of need assessment committee is attached below;


Second stage description

In the second stage, the assessment committee has identified the target group for surveying. The target group involved 100 employees from the organization. A survey questionnaire has been delivered to them for identifying what they want. The survey has been conducted for getting information regarding specific needs of the employees in order to increase their capabilities to cope up with future changes in digital marketing (Noe et al., 2017). From the survey results, it has been identified that employees in this company needs to increase their digital communication skills, international marketing knowledge and need to develop content advertisement skills.


Third stage description

The last stage in the need assessment process is making effective decisions. The initial part in this stage is setting priority of all the needs. After that the needs assessment committee’s responsibility is to setting up proper solutions to the identified needs and how to reduce deficiency in the working environment to achieve the future success. Descriptions of the possible solutions will be discussed in the later parts. For effectively implementing all the solutions, the management committee has developed an action plan where all the details of responsibilities, target groups, duration and tasks have been categorized (Eriksson and Kovalainen, 2015). The action plan is set for four weeks. After performing all the stages, the management committee’s significant responsibility is to prepare a report. This report has segments such as details of the needs evaluation procedure, all the recognized results, prioritization of needs, recommendations for the future needs evaluations. This step is significant because, if the committee documents all the results effectively then in future evaluation needs, the organization higher management could find out effortlessly from where to start.


Establish skill or capability need

After the need assessment procedure, project management team needs to do a skill need analysis. The skill analysis has been done by identifying all the important needs and analysing their importance against the consequences, causes and criticality. Description of skill need is detailed below;







Prioritise needs

Among the areas of improvements, some needs better improvement and more focus. As the firm is currently focusing more on improving its digital marketing function, it is obvious that the areas associated with digital media marketing, require better focus. Therefore, this training program would chiefly focus on such two areas that the new mass needs to be acquainted with. The two areas are Content advertisement and Digital communication. Content advertisement has become the newest form of digital advertisement. After the common type of social media advertisements and other such models of digital marketing, the content marketing has become one of the most popular form of marketing.

This is replacing the need of print media and therefore, the need for development in this area is the most. Content advertisement can be of different types. Based on the area of the expertise of the workers, the area has to be selected. Along with that, the employees that are in technical department, has to sharpen up this skill in order to build up a stronger team for digital marketing. Along with this skill or area of development, another area of development that has to be prioritised the most is the digital communication (Pangrazio, 2016). This field is one of the most important for both the customer service department and the technical department as well. Sharpening up or developing this skill would help in understanding customer requirement, dealing with the comments and feedbacks of the customers and handling customer complaints and thus improving relationship with customers.

Learning and development solutions

The two areas of development along with the others, require effective procedures and training plan.

For improving Digital communication skill, the solutions that can be used are better knowledge in regional language, understanding both the negative and positive feedbacks of the customers, understanding the use of social platforms and the ecommerce platforms as well.   

For International marketing knowledge, it is essential to know international policies associated to marketing, the differences of customer preferences from place to place (De Mooij, 2018). The employees should be trained about how to understand the variety in requirement of people from place to place. Along with that, it is also essential to have a good understanding of cultural differences or preferences as they have high influence over the psychology of people.

Content advertisement involves several skill requirements and different areas of expertise. It is highly suggested that area specialist should be consulted before developing the training plan. On job training, expert suggestions and class room training would be beneficial for this purpose (Jeske and Axtell, 2016).

Social media is becoming a major way of communication. For this area, it is essential to understand the internet traffic, consumer viewing consumer surfing attitude and so on. for this purpose, effective use of social media platform is required.                

Solutions identification

From the above skills identified that needs to be develop in order to achieve more effective digital marketing operations have also outlined their possible solutions. From the suggested skills, two skills have been prioritized and their possible solutions have been prescribed in the above section of this study. These solutions outlined the fact that individual solutions are the most significant at this point. Adidas needs to train their employees in a group. They need to identify needs of their employees. They need to train their employees’ interactive skills and understanding over the digital platform from the beginning of how it works and what are its components. How they are going to approach to their young generation customers. On the other hand, the management in Adidas needs to understand if they need new employees who could comply with the innovative content creation for digital marketing or they need to increase skills of their present employees about importance of content management in digital marketing process. If the second solution is worth accompanying, then the management needs to start with developing knowledge regarding content management and how regular content development and advertising new product line with suitable contents could increase customers’ interests.


From the above need assessment for Adidas, it has been identified that currently, this organization is targeting on rethinking their marketing process. The higher management has planned for developing their employees’ skills and train them to adopt trends in digital marketing process. Through this training development program of employees, Adidas could be helpful to change or modify their current digital marketing skills as well as a workforce that can better understand their organizational needs. Adaptation of digital marketing skills will help them to cope with the changing customer needs also and this training results will also help them to become one of the market leaders in shoes manufacturing business again.


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