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Psychological Research in Affirmative Action Assignment Help

Post a brief summary of the article that you selected, including a description of the setting of the study, the study participants, and a short summary of the findings. Report on what the authors found in relation to the construct(s) studied (attitudes or beliefs or perceptions, etc.). Finally, analyze the impact the results of the study may have on affirmative action in higher education.

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Affirmative action can also be mentioned as positive discrimination. The article by Sanchez (2015) aims to understand the relationship between faculty of the educational center and the affirmative action to examine the practical implications and the psychological concept behind this action. The article touches concepts like significance of the affirmative action, lawsuits, situation against affirmative action on the basis of race and faculty of color. 

It is known that the education system in America suffers from inequality and the best way to understand and fix the psychological impacts of the students is to offer affirmative action. However, the article also identified the two issues associated with the race-based affirmative action – maintaining people of color as outsiders and offering low benefits to people of color when compared to Whites. These completely seem acceptable as these can create discrimination and oppress Blacks over Whites in America. 

If we were to determine the need for affirmative action, it is essential to design an effective program that can offer psychological support and reach the beneficiaries with persuasive communication. According to Sanchez (2015), this is a way by which there is togetherness between the students as they apply for new courses in the universities. Though the author has justified this stand, this affirmative action is still in support of racism and looks like an offer to the oppressed people to be a part of the society. 

The study of Sanchez (2015) is descriptive and has conducted an extensive literature review to apply the present education system of America. Based on the findings from various texts, the results are presented at the end. The results exert pressure on the ability of faculty to educate students about affirmative action. However, this needs a lot of effort to make it possible on the long run to mitigate inequality. 

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