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Spread of Communism after WWII Assignment Help

Discuss the spread of communism after WWII. Include a description of how the USSR and at least one other communist power emerged. Discuss what is meant by "superpower" and the context of such a political entity after the Second World War.

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The battlefield which is having more importance during world war-II is the region of Eastern Europe. The communism spread in this particular region started at the world war-I end due to some consequences and this got accelerated by the completion of World War-II. Lenin is a very powerful leader for communism and under his rule, Russia started occupying its nearby countries. In the occupied countries list, Hungary was the first one and later Ukraine. After completion of world war-II soviets occupied Eastern Germany and Baltic states in order to spread their communism. By 1949 other than Yugoslavia all the remaining countries of Eastern Europe were ruled by USSR. This ruling created differences in the region of Europe. In a similar manner, Western Europe was ruled by democracies of western. The Republic of China emerged as a superpower by the Communist part of China (CCP). The economic military strength of China threatened the further growth of the west and Canada. As it has good economic status, military power and modernized types of equipment it was regarded as Super Power and the remaining countries were afraid by it. If we study China history it will be interesting and at the same time, it will be complex. There are some situations where China got isolated and worked for itself these all situations makes them think strategically and changed them as a superpower.

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