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Spirituality In Nursing Practice: Mind Cure Assignment Help

I need help with mental health spirituality paper titled Mind cure 3pages in APA format.

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Spirituality in Nursing Practice: Mind Cure


Spirituality is a vital part of holistic health care. However, it is often neglected in context of nursing practice. It happens because of poor conceptualization of spirituality and its incorporation into nursing practice (Harrison & Burnard, 1993). Moreover, spirituality is also a part of self-care, which can be achieved by a religious connection or meditation. It makes us to stay positive and sympathetic with creations of the almighty. In particular patient care require patience, politeness, and sympathy which help in attaining positivity in the mind of the patient and aids in the healing process(M. L. White, Peters, & Schim, 2011). For a nurse staying positive throughout the duty hour, it is necessary to be at the peak of health and wellness. A personal view on the mind cure and self-care in context to spirituality and other vital aspects will be discussed in this report. 

Mind Cure

The spiritual wellness of the nurse is also an important aspect, as it will let the healthcare professional (including nurses) to realize their personal responsibilities(E. G. White, 2011).In addition, the same spirituality will be reflected in the patient, as kind and sympathetic gestures of healthcare professionals will make the patient feel better and will help in attaining optimal activity of the prescribed drugs(E. G. White, 2011).

Disease can be sourced from one’s mind, a minor health problem can be greatly aggravated just by imagination. On the other hand, if one considers and thinks himself/herself healthy it will continue throughout the life, just like the placebo effect. Sometimes the imagination and fear of a person can lead to his/her death after a minor exposure to something, which is supposed to cause grave disease. Hence while treating a diseased person the effect of mind should not beneglected.Because if the effect of mind over body in the patient is well directed than it will help in quicker healing. 

There are theories to take control over others mind, which is generally done to treat the diseased person by a comparatively stronger mind. By taking control over a weaker mind the strong mind can impart or create changes in the healthy impulses, which would lead to overcome the fear or inhibition within the patient to fight the disease (E. G. White, 2011). White advocates against these theories in his book (E. G. White, 2011); “He is not to look to anyhuman being as the source of healing. His dependence must be in God.” According to White, every human has his/ her own individuality and it should not be compromised, as controlling over others mind is an evil approach, instead it is important to make the person realize that, God is the only healer and the patient has to trust in God and submit himself/ herself before God to fight the disease. In my opinion, we as professional nurses, should treat and behave with the patient well such that they should feel their importance and a mind cure approach which is considered by few authors as Satan’s way, but it is for the wellness of the patient. But it can be hazardous, if it is not controlled properly or practiced by an evil minded person. Hence following nursing ethics is important and it is essential to have nursing virtues.

Nursing virtues and mind cure

Diseases which are result of the weak mind of the patient require utmost care for treatment. Often such diseases arise from guilt and remorse, where it is responsibility of the health professionals to handle the case with sympathy. It is important to gain the confidence of the patient to acknowledge yourself as a great healer. By following the way of Christ, who endowed love and sympathy for the sick peoples and the trust of the patient helped them to heal. But these virtues can burnout and requires replenishment, which can be achieved by self-care.

Self-care to replenish essential nursing virtues

Stress has become a part and parcel of every professional life, which can be observed in nursing profession as well(Braithwaite, 2008). If we consider the nursing profession, it can give you traumatic experience each day, as nurses are exposed to patients and their caregiver who are under pain, suffering, trauma, grief etc. Hence there are high chances to develop anxiety, discontent, guilt and depression in nurses.If we consider ourselves as a water tank, when we use the water the tank gradually gets emptied, if the water in tank is not replenished then one day it will totally burnout. Hence it is important to replenish the deficit content from the tank on regular basis. Two important components of nursing care are empathy and compassion. So, the more we spend these virtues, it requires to be replenished before burnout of these virtues. Hence practicing empathy and compassion for self is a nursing responsibility.


Nursing is a challenging profession, as it dispose you to encounter others pain and suffering. It is important for a nurse to maintain the same level of compassion and empathy for all the patients throughout the day to deliver a righteous mind cure. Spirituality is must to take control over own mind(Mauk & Schmidt, 2004), which can enable us to practice the mind cure treatment approach. 

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