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SOC 350 - Social Change Course Program:-  in this course SOC 350, Learners learn examination of theories of social change & various application in the analysis of societies and social institutions.

Upon completion of this SOC 350 - Social Change course:

  • Learners will Study in SOC 350 - Social Change to articulate & evaluate connections of social change and social change consequences at the national, local and global levels. An awareness of levels or contexts of social change enables Learners to understand the implications of global changes especially political and economic at the local and national levels under this program SOC 350 - Social Change.
  • Learners will Study to contextualize how globalization which is a product of the world capitalist development and Industrial Revolution develops inequality as it services , integrates markets for goods & capital on a world scale.
  • Learners will Study to explain major theoretical perspectives and concepts of social change. An understanding of the major theories and concepts will aware Learners to make sense of social change & social change consequences at many levels and different contexts.
  • Learners will Study to critically examine major differences between planned and unplanned changes and their consequences. This will enable Learners to read, understand and explain the nature of change in terms of what is changing, why, / what level, and how fast change is going on.
  • Learners will Study to make connections b/w concepts of social change learned and major theories learned in this SOC 350 - Social Change course with those studied in other social science disciplines in order to understand & describe past / contemporary changes and their consequences at various levels of society and beyond.
  • Learners will Study to summarize and identify major debates / perspectives about the future trajectory of social change at various levels. Featured topics may be include impact of climate change on resource depletion, future development, or need for conservation.

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