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Change Management Assignment Help

In response to a variety of expected environmental changes in your industry, your business has decided to change its organizational structure to be more consistent with a new strategy for increased competitiveness. They plan to move from a mechanistic model of organization to a flatter, more organic structure with an emphasis on self-managing work teams. Needless to say, these are significant internal changes, not to mention the external changes which are bound to occur as well. Using what we have learned from our readings, what resistance to the changes do you expect and why? How would you advise key decision makers on the best ways to successfully affect the planned changes? accepts instant and short deadlines order for Change Management Assignment Help – order today for excellence!

Change in organizational structure of business

The change involves the devolution of responsibilities with reference to the aspect of self management thereby implying independence without higher level of supervision as far as the working of the teams in the organisation is concerned. It is observed that there would be resistance from some members of the organisation. The resistance would primarily involve the non-acceptance of the changes (Hayes, 2016). However, their demands with reference to the changes are to be taken into consideration thereby briefing them about the changes and their benefits. Such briefing would involve the protection of the environment and the fostering of the salubrious surroundings. The internal and external changes are to be taken into account in an effective manner thereby implying the viability of the organisation as a whole in the long run. As a result, the key decision makers have to act in a planned manner fort the purpose of the implementation of the changes thereby implying the formulation of policies and frameworks.

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