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ELL 354 Grammar in a Second Language

In addition to a person's first language, second language is imperative to be acquired and learned. Some people learned and use their second language a lot more than their first language. These are some facts that support the importance of Second language acquisition. Since second language allows cultural understanding and can be used as a free way of travelling different diversities of education, the need of fluency in second language literacy is indeed at high level. Once learners productively learned on reading and writing in Second language, grammar is the next in line to deal with. This course would surely help to provide most accurate education for the overseas students. Since precise grammatical structures come after acquaintance in Second Language, this course is focused on building a foundation of knowledge on the relation of English grammar on the students and the teachers as well. In order to learn grammar thoroughly, this course's objective is to mold mind that would broadly understand not only the concept of formality in universal grammar but also to holistically use it in a high level of competency. Theoretically, grammar on second language must be systemized categories, principles and operations shared by human languages, thus, this course's service will productively assist students in terms of grammar structures. Relativity of methodology on implementing grammar instruction will be given proper attention in this course also. Like the importance of learning reading and writing in second language, grammar in second language demands unique and varied strategies to be successfully instructed to the students in this course. Students will also be able to train to correct grammatical structures according to their ability as an assessment for them. In that way, it is more negotiable to manage what are other aspects need to be improved.

 Improving eventually will lead to fluency, which is the fuel to produce excellent work of the students in international settings. Students will not only absorb and basically learn grammar in second language on this course; this will also let them apply their knowledge on English grammar on specific tasks that would lead on expanding of their comprehension and capability. To comprise the effectiveness of the pedagogy in teaching English grammar, collaboration of students' ideas will also be highly given attention in this course. Efforts exerted by the students will be matched with corresponding quality assistance as well. Giving both the learners and source of knowledge equal attention will greatly contribute on reaching the aforementioned goal of this course. Other than that, what students can gain on this course are not only basic grammar concepts in a second language but more of higher level thinking skills, broader vocabulary, and outstanding communication that will also let them apply on other topics. Expertise is not impossible for the students to attain because this course aimed to produce excellence in every field it offers. Creating own exemplary English grammar related work would be much easier on the students that have been taught holistically with the service of the course. Investing their time, trust and efforts would not be wasted the same as the tutors do.

Learners will be helped to be fluent in this field; so that there would be lot of educational opportunities waiting for them. Furthermore, if they will be trained in engaging more with the second language, high quality works can be a solid evidence of exemplary assistance they got from this course. This course contributes to an education that can always holistically provide learners' needs in all aspect, yet it is much important to still remember that learners also do have the ability of providing great contribution on any field.

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