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Role of Accreditation and its effect on Healthcare Organizations Assignment Help

Describe the current status of accreditation, considering National Patient Safety Goals and their accreditation standards. In your paper, specifically address the following questions:

What is the role of accreditation in ensuring patient safety?

What is the relationship between an organization''s achievements in meeting National Patient Safety Goals and the results of the Joint Commission survey?

If patient safety goals are not met based on the benchmarks set by the Joint Commission, what are the consequences?

How will you assess your own organization''s readiness for the Joint Commission survey?

What actions need to be taken to prepare for the survey?

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To provide the top notch level of medical and healthcare facility, accreditation is an elementary strategy. Accreditation helps an organization in many aspects to reduce the risk of errors in patient care and fulfilling medical insurance claim. The key reasons for which accreditation is much needed are - 

Demonstrate commitment to quality- By enlisting for accreditation, an organization gets a scope to find out its strength and improvement areas. Create a difference among competition- Accreditation is a certified method through which a patient can trust an organization before going there for treatment. An accredited organization always stands out from the queue in terms of medical treatment.

Drive continuous improvement- Accreditation demonstrates about the condition of an organization in terms of healthcare and focuses on the points where modification needs to be done which inspires an organization for continuous improvement. 

As a whole, accreditation creates a positive analogy to a patients mind that he will treat well, and all the safety measures will be followed.
National patient safety goals(NPSGs) is a program arranged by The Joint Commission in 2002. It is a series of specific actions need to be taken by accredited organizations to reduce medical errors. Identify patients correctly by two-way identity verification, using the medicine safely, preventing infections, identifying patient safety risks, these are few metrics of NPSGs based on which The Joint Commission surveyors visit accredited health centres once in 39 months. This not only ends with the on-site survey as in every three months, but the health organizations also submit their information to the Joint Commission about how they treat critical conditions, what are methods followed to accredit the identity of patients etc. These data are available publicly and quarterly updated. A self-assessment scoring tool has been provided to the organizations to help them to monitor their current status on accrediting. Though accreditation or certification is not mandatory for healthcare organizations, still it is very important for a health care organization to fulfil all the conditions. So, to get certified by the Joint Commission, an organization must have to achieve all the guidelines mentioned on NPSGs.

If the patient safety goals are not matched with the benchmarks set by the Joint Commission, the accreditation status will not get affected. But the certificate would not be rewarded, and there will be a chance to lose third party patience and payments. Besides, it can affect the reputation of an organization as well creates the wrong impact on a patient's mind about the organization. If an organization is certified by the Joint Commission, then they are highly eligible to receive Medicare reimbursement and with lack of accreditation, the process may hamper.

To asses my own organization's readiness for joint commission survey, I will conduct a through check up of the services through these steps-

Baseline assessment: Need to run a baseline assessment about how much the organization is ready for accreditation. By comparing current service processes to the guidelines of JCI, we can find out the improvement points.

Quality improvement: By taking part in policy development and management workshops, quality improvement and management workshops, improvement can be made as per the quality measures.

Facilities management: Need to look at facility safety and emergency preparedness.

Participating in mock survey: Mock survey conducted six months before the accreditation survey, and it can be considered as a final checkpoint in terms of readiness.

Focused consulting: By taking help from the expert consultants, we can pinpoint the compliance areas where improvement needs to be done. Taking help from mini-lectures, workshops, hands-on training, we can find out the possible solutions for compliance areas.

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