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Please discuss the basic attributes in appropriate detail, and then expand to describe the experiential and emotional aspects of the product or service. Be sure to address the role of branding in fulfilling customer expectations for your product or service.

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The firm presently offers camping accessories to the customers, mainly tourists. With the high sales recorded for the camping tent, we have now decided to offer a solar powered camping tent that will include a light, portable stove and a solar powered fan.

Basic attributes

The new offering to the customers is an upgrade to what we have already been offering to them to support their camping and trekking needs. The upgraded product is portable and easy to carry and comes at an affordable price.

The new offering is called the camping combo where the kit includes a tent that accommodates 1 person, solar powered light and fan and a portable stove. Customers will have to purchase them together as a kit. This follows a sleek model and eliminates the need for travellers to carry every accessory individually to complete the travel.

There is an option for the customers to choose a bigger sized tent but the accompaniments are the same and the pricing can increase just for the tent. The kit also includes an instruction manual and the tent is fixed with solar panel and battery so that it can be used directly.

Experiential and emotional aspects

As the user buys this product, it gives them a push to travel more without having to worry about accessories. It gives a stress-free experience to the trekking freaks. This product can certainly strike a connection with the buyers. With the chance for customers to upgrade anytime, this is definitely worth the investment.

As the safety of the customers is important, the tent has a lining on the top and the sides that can protect from extreme heat and thunderstorms. There is also a ventilation option for people staying inside it. The only work left for the customers is to plan the travel.

Product differentiation

Camping kit is not available in the market at a price we offer. Further, we believe in customer satisfaction (Kahn, 2012). Hence, the product differentiation strategy is designed keeping usability, reliability and affordability in mind. The ideal segment for this product is travellers. Further, this shall also be pitched to companies that frequently organize outdoor camps. This can be of real use to their customers. We also prefer convenience of people which is the reason that this product is available online as well as direct purchase.

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