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OLM 511: Systems Dynamics and Change Assignment Help

The Army Crew Team 

For this assignment, review the designated Harvard Business Review case study. In a five page paper submission: 

1.Provide a brief introduction and overview of the presented case. 

2. What were the major leadership issues presented? 

3. Classify the leadership issues into one of the following three categories: Change leadership, Team dynamics, or Organizational systems. Provide support in the professional literature as related to these three topics, from either within this course, from other courses in your graduate program, and/or other literature, to support your classification. 

4. Place yourself in the role of a leader in the presented scenario. What would you actions have been? 

5. How do your recommended actions compare to what was presented in the scenario? Why? Provide justification as based on the professional literature. 

6. Conclusion 

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There have been different serious situations for the Army Crew team who has been working for the US Military Academy at the Western Point. There are seasons and the Junior varsity team which has been involved in handling the practices and the different races. The coach P has been selected for the Varsity members which includes the speed, strength and the coordination. The J Varsity team needs people who are for handling the attempts and then understanding about how the problems can be resolved. The Coach P is seen to be left frustrated. There have been different options where he could have worked on the promotion of JV team for the Varsity boat for the race with the switching of the individual boat members in between the boats. The attempts are made for the improvement of the performance of the boat and the possibilities are defined for short timeframe. It is mainly for the assessing, identifying and then correcting the problems that leads to inhibiting the Varsity team. 

Leadership Issues

There have been different problems related to the leadership, trust issues and the positive communication which is lacking among the members. The ineffective traits could easily be recognized at the time of meeting for the final loss where there are no team leaders who have been emerging with the fact that trust about the limitations for the members. There are verbalized sectors by the team members where there are several members who need to focus on the individual performances rather than the team performance (Chong et al., 2012). The problems need to be addressed for the Coach P with the Varsity team that has the chance for the finishing of the races for National Championship. 

Classifying the leadership issues

The issues need to be handled where the Varsity row team. There are results where the conflict and the decreased performances have been occurring. The states are related to the members who are training and understanding the elements for the team and also are able to provide the guidance based on the team dynamics (Ivancevich et al., 1990). The armed forces includes the tools and the teams are successful depending upon how one tends to strive effectively without any of the formal instructions. Hence, in the Varsity team, there is a need that the tools are laid out with focusing on the clear successful team planning. The lack of the teamwork comes from the Varsity team which is set for the disrupters and the members who need to talk about the performance and the goals. The establishment of the team charter is to communicate effectively and understand about the value of conflicts with individual roles and then stepping out at a particular comfort zone. There are varsity team who works on establishing the team members with the main objectives of win races. The obtainable goals are to allow and then foster the trust and communication. Here, the individual roles are clarified and properly understood through rower seats and the role clarification generally lack the leadership. 

Role of Leader

For the proper setup, there is a need to work on building, sustaining and then maintaining the sense of trust. There are emerging standards where the team leader has to be assigned and then respected for the different team values. The accomplishment of the goals are defined with representing the group procedures and then assisting towards the building of trust. It helps in building and sustaining bonds which is critical for the performance (Turaga, 2013). The process for the teamwork also need to understand about the communication that is done at a positive level. The trust is the problem and one needs to focus on the needs with the consistent basis. There are negative effects on the team relationship where the psychological factors are important for the working on the success to the rowing teams. This is related to the rower of the struggles with the techniques that could lead to the improvement on the performance. The synchronization is about extremely important planning and the timing is the issue where the option has been about how the learn to work with one another. 

With this, there have been options for properly evaluating the possibilities for switching and understanding the varsity and JV boats. The team members for the JV team have to work on the assigning of the performance, individually which is not good as the members have been chosen initially (Rosenfeld et al., 2015). The possibilities are related to the feeling of ‘nothing to lose” and then focusing on the individual performances. There are rowers who have struggled with the techniques that are related to the improvement in performance. There are factors which could be set for increasing the Varsity boat performance with trying to win. The options are evaluated based on the criteria and planning. Here, the options need to be evaluated for the chosen team which tends to maximize the performance and then win the races. The timing is important which is till there are positive relationship. The important aspects are related to maintaining or mending the different standards. According to the JV team, it is able to work effectively with proven sectors and findings that have been able to help in performing a better exhibit teamwork. The teamwork will help in enhancement of the quality of the work and then instilling the trust and satisfaction for the team members (Musringudin et al., 2017). The standards are also related to the explanation and planning about talking for the criticism at the time of practice. It is important that there are measuring tools for the rowers which can help in sing the system which is referred for the “seat racing”. The method could be used for the selection of the top scores and the individual strengths where there are self-absorbed concerns with own success (Colarelli et al., 2015). 

Recommended Actions

The actions are mapped with Coach P focusing on the attempts to intervene and work on the improvement procedures for the Varsity boat performance. Here, there is a need to assign the leaders for the team and then take the charge or actions for handling the team disruptions. This directly affect the positive norms of the team and the small goals need to work on handling the different problems of the trust factors and the commitment issues. The open discussions are for the team members, thoughts and the feelings which needs to be encouraged and planned for the members where the need is to plan and then handle the opinions. It will be important for working on the dialect that is related to the frustration problems and the needs of the team which has to be avoided completely. Hence, all the members need to trust for the processing and increased rowing performance. Thereby, the coach P can implement different strategies for succeeding to the National Championship Level. The recommended actions are also related to the relationship which is important to maintain if JV team has been switched. Hence, there have been members who need to realize and understand about the influences for the performance in a better manner. It will also include the influences for the team behaviour and the trust. The pressure comes mainly when there are negative things which have to be handled by the other team members and the varsity team would be emailing him on a consistent basis. There are honest communication which is important for the build-up of trust and the other Coach P will only be asking if the team is going to come to him for any of the negative comments. It does not seam to be holding the varsity team mainly to build the personal connections. The learning is considered important where the process of the teamwork requires a proper spending of time and then working on training and establishing the common goals. 


The Varsity Army Crew team does not understand about the value to work together and the team need to work on great performers as well. They are not able to beat any of the JV team who is exhibiting and working on the amount of teamwork. It is about not only working as strong members but also handling the varsity team which is found to be critical for one another. Here, there are no personalized connections (Shen et al., 2016). Hence, after the evaluation of the different options, the coach P needs to handle the National Championships which are mainly determined to work on the Varsity team so that they are able to work in a more cohesive manner. They are able to work as a team and then handle the outstanding strength, endurance with the techniques which are for the translation of the success as a winning factor. 

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