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Rise and Fall of Civilizations Assignment Help

Choose a civilization from ancient China (Shang; Zhou; Han) and one from India (Harrapan; Aryan; Mauryan) and describe how religion contributed to the rise and fall of both civilizations. Describe the role religion played in the political system of the two cultures you have chosen. 

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Han dynasty is regarded as the majestic dynasty of the China. Four religions which was there during the rule of this dynasty, Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism and ancestor worship. Each of these religions helped the dynasty to become successful. This dynasty is well recognized for promoting Confucianism as the state religion ("Han Dynasty", 2019). Religion undoubtedly played a very important role in whittling the rule of those who were in power. Arts as well as technologies advanced through that period. One can say that numerous forms of religion conquered China throughout the Han period.

It is notable that the challenges faced during this Dynasty were enforced by the government. One of these challenges comprises of the tax crisis. Under Ancestorship people just followed the emperor even taking into consideration what is wrong and right which also somewhere lead to the fall of this dynasty. The fall of this dynasty can also be accredited to events such as the rule of emperors who were selfish which lead to make the government weak, foreign invaders etc ("The Han Dynasty: History, Emperors, Events, Background", 2019).

Religion was an important realm of the Mauryan empire as Ashoka was an important proponent of Buddhism and established a connection between religion and the state. Religion was an epitome of the Mauryan empire as it defined the kingship roles and importance of the kings as Ashoka believed in being approved by the Buddhist sangha more than the concept of divine ascent. Religion became a symbol for the empire through the numerous stupas, monasteries, and ordination of the monks that became a part of the kingdom and established the king as a secular as well a religious leader. There was also tolerance for other religions practiced in the kingdom and the focus was more on morality of religion and not the doctrines of individual religion. One of the many causes of the kingdom was however the very concept of religion that made the kingdom once reaches its legacy and acceptance ("The Mauryan Empire: Rise and Fall", 2019). The ideologies of Ashoka were not accepted by the orthodox brahmins and led to the internal conflicts among the groups that supported either sides.


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