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Charles Lvi’s: The Musical Emperor Assignment Help

Discuss the importance of Charles Ives in American Music using Cowell’s own assessment of the composer. Why does Charles Ives (or any other American composer) not enjoy the cultural prestige that is typical of European composers within their own countries? For example, Bach and Beethoven are celebrated as uniquely German, the Italians consider Verdi a founding father, Russians laud Tchaikovsky, etc. Put more simply, why isn’t Ives more famous in his homeland? 

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In American music, the importance of Charles Lvis is very much significant and that’s why it is the matter of discussion in enormous music forum of the world. Charles Ives was an America based modernist composer. He had invited a renaissance in the musical platforms of world music. For his new tuning of music people had taken lots of time to accept his. Importance of Charles Lvi’s was to assist people of America to go through an easy mode of the music of their heart, rather than American Classical songs which are a hard nut to crack. From a young age, Charles Lvi had learned numerous kinds of musical instruments like organs, pianos and many others1. Above all, he was a tourist in the American land and had taken the nascent of American soil. Easy and heart touching tunes of Charles Lvi's songs attracted a huge amount of peoples and it led to the revolutionary phase of American folk songs against classical song based music dynasties. He was a great composer and his heart-throbbing discoveries and innovation have a crucial impact on the latest American musical development across the world after the 20th century. He was a great disciple of Horatio Parker, in Yale University, to learn the musical instruments and other crucial of American music. As a modernist composer, Charles Lvi’s was the first composer who had earned international significances.

In spite of all of these reasons to become a great composer, this person Charles Lve’s had not earned so many reputations and popularities in his homeland America. One of the most crucial reasons behind this is that Charles Lvi had spent most of his life as an organist of the church .  This greatest musician is nowadays barely remembered in his homeland America, as during the historical time of Charles Lvi’s there was no system of social media, no such platform to make a new innovation as a popular one . All the musical innovations and tunes of Charles was like a hymn of the church, along with a sublime and raging performance where each tune denotes the American dreams in a surrealistic approach, with echoes of ethereal manner. Two world throbbing creation of Charles Lvi’s Piano Sonata No. 2 and the Concord Sonata are till now the very crucial jewel of world musical history. Each line of these innovative tunes reveals the secrets of the human heart with its touchy approach. But, in his homeland, he was not get populated as his all creation needs some basic lessons of classical songs or tunes to understand the meaning of his innovations or to play with them. After making thorough research upon the music tunes of Charles Lvi’s it can be concluded that, this subject needs vigorous research as it is the core of musical treasure land. In four basic movements of Charles' song, it denoted the American transcendentalism which is very crucial in past and future aspect of the musical study. Charles Lvi was a great exception among all of his contemporary organists or impressionists such as Debussy and Ravel. In this aspect, people of the contemporary time become failed to understand the dedicated bitonality of Charles in his piano, organs and other instruments .

Charles Lvi’s could not get their scope to enjoy the national prestige and goodwill as the American composer because, in most of the times, Charles Lvi’s and other American composers were connected with many other businesses and working schedules. That’s why they didn’t get sufficient time to dedicate in music . Such as, Charles Lvi was connected with Insurance companies to continue his salesman job. On the other hand, at his young age, he was highly connected with enormous kinds of names like sprinting and football. In a later age, when he had to get ample time for music cultivation, the then he got plagued with diabetes and other old age related diseases. In this time, he had started to produce new versions of his old creations like The Majority. Thereafter, he had attacked with several heart attacks. For all of these reasons, this worldwide renowned composer had not to get the scope to provide his total dedication to the musical world. In 1954, he had taken his last breath after providing numerous heart touching times for the world.

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