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Supercar: Buillding The Car of The Future


In your opinion, how will the "car of the future" shape the automobile industry?

According to the play "Supercar, Building the Car of the Future" will prove to be a boon for the automobile industry (Quinton,1973). Year by year the price of fuel cell keeps on growing with increased rate of environmental issues. The car of the future is the solution to all of these problems as it is a socially sound and environmentally friendly model of car. The future car uses new fuel technologies like hybrid internal or electric combustion, 100 percent hydrogen from hydrogen cell, parallel hybrid and 100 percent electric. Despite of the use of internal combustion engine, ethanol blends are used as a good substitute for fuel. Apart from this, technologies are also used to make the body of the car lighter and easier to propel. The future generation of the automobile is also planning to introduce smart technologies where the car can run without the help of human, which will eventually make it more efficient and safer. A group of students from MIT are working on a new and innovative project namely "city car" which is a form of compact electric folding vehicles (Tillemann, 2016). Their model of car uses 85 percent and 15 percent gasoline as fuel which reduces the oil imports as well as green-house emissions. Apart from this, it also uses food crop as fuel. Similarly, Tesla is also designing a future car whichhave air conditioning both for batteries as well as for passengers. It uses hydrogen as its fuel, and the hydrogen fuel cell generates its own electricity. This car does not involve any kind combustion leading to zero emission of harmful gases. It uses hydrogen from natural gases which reduces the carbon dioxide emission by 60 percent as compared to other cars. Thus it can be said that the future car plans to provide low cost, safety, engineering efficiency, power, performance, alternative fuel source, and environmental sustainability aspects to the automobile industry.

As a strategist, what would you recommend to industry''s leaders in order to sustain in an impending changing environment?

In a constantly changing business environment, there is a need of frequent reinvention of breakthrough concept or product which can take the automobile company ahead of its competitors. The sustained innovation generates from creating a collective sense of purpose, teaching the people within theorganisation to identify the unconventional opportunities and unleashing their creativity (Ruff, 2015). Being a strategist, I would recommend the leaders of car industry to follow certain steps for a sustained innovation in this changing environment.

• Developing a clear direction- The leaders of car industry should focus on identifying customer's requirement and finding a sustainable as well as environmental friendly solution. According to Sabri et al, a sense of mission helps in directing the performance and creating new and innovative ideas(Sabri, Danapalasingam, & Rahmat, 2016).

• Reducing bureaucracy- Bureaucracy within an organisation will lead to slow down of action and can cause major impediment of the innovation, which is major requirement in automobile industry. Thus faster implementation of new ideas will lead to encouragement of further innovative thinking.

• Tolerance of risk and failure- Failure is a necessary part for an organisational growth and it also encourages for innovation. In most of the automobile industries the authority to innovation is given to the front line workers. These workers hold capability to make adjustment when find any opportunity for improvement. If this innovation doesn't work, it should be taken as experience.

• Clear and open communication- An open communication within an organisation sets an atmosphere of trust in workplace. Apart from this, clear and open communication should be build up with the customers to their requirement from a car through feedback or review. This collected data would help the companies to develop and implement innovation accordingly.


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