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Communication Needs And Practices Paper Assignment Help

Possible public sector stakeholders and partners

Cultural and ethical considerations for public sector communications

Differing public administration communication genres

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Every sector and domain have a differentiated range of communication needs and follow a differentiated range of policies for the fulfillment of their requirements and that of their clients as well. This paper is inclined towards understanding the importance of communication practices and answer the questions below with relevant details with appropriate evidence. 

1. In what ways does the public sector differ from the private sector in regard to stakeholders?

Stakeholders are well known to play essential roles in the benefit of the financial regime and productivity as well. However, due to the difference in the existing operations of both the private and the public sectors, there is a possibility that the existence of stakeholder differences is valid in both. Firstly, in terms of quantity, for the case of private sector is limited because of the minimum association of people with a single brand or an organization while in public sector it is the entire population who is the stakeholder (Osei-Kyei&Chan, 2017). Secondly, in terms of private sector the stakeholders comprise of organizational employees, shareholders, government agencies, media, consumers and others whereas for the public sector the stakeholders are the government, international bodies run by government, research institutes and others (Osei-Kyei & Chan, 2017). The difference in the stakeholder variance of both sectors allows in a better understanding of the differences that exist in their operational terms. 

2. Does the purpose of the communication change when factoring in cultural and ethical considerations and factors?

Yes, the purpose of communication changes when factoring in cultural and ethical considerations because, in the case of cultural aspect, its influence can be visible in a person’s body language, verbal attributes, thinking, norms and others. In situations like these the communicator has to ensure the avoidance of miscommunication by making certain remarks that might be considered undesirable for the other individual (Bennett, 2017). While witnessing the cross-cultural aspect in a workplace or so, a person needs to consider the aspect of communication ethics. Both culture and ethics communication is interrelated and makes sure that moral considered applicable during human interaction is extremely important. For instance, while interacting with someone who is from a different cultural background than the person initiating the conversation, then it is essential to not mock them or ask them unethical questions about their lifestyles or present any kind of stereotypes. 

3. How do different genres affect communication styles and practices?

Genres have always been considered as extremely influential in terms of dealing with communication nature. Genre has been considered as a way of an individual interacting. The different genres mainly refer to the forms of communication that include both the formal and the informal one. Non-verbal communication does not involve the use of any vocals and rather uses the form of gestures or any other written form (St Amant, 2016). In this case, there is a possibility that the non-verbal form of communication might be misinterpreted and perceived in the wrong way. However, during the course of using verbal communication one has to make sure that any kind of misinterpretation of the tone used is being avoided. Due to the extensive changes of miscommunication that prevails in both forms of communication, both the officials from the private sector and the public sector has to make sure that they are able to communicate effectively by using the proper tone and practice. 

4. Should there be training mandatory training for public sector employees in these areas?

Yes, training in terms of effective communication is necessary and incremental for the employees of both the private sector and the public sector. It is because in the recent scenario, the forms of interaction are constantly changing and it is important to make sure that all of the public administrators are profound in their skills that are not limited to verbal communication (Mostafa, Gould-Williams& Bottomley, 2015). For instance, there is a growing stance of using social media by people belonging from all age groups and during the times of interaction one has to maintain a witty tone to gain their appreciation. Thus, training to address the requirements and form an appropriate response to that of their stakeholders or service users is extremely essential. The private sector might have an intuitive approach towards the use of technology but the public sector has to handle the political issues to some extent as well. Thus, there is an utmost requirement of focusing on the situation of proper communication. 


This paper allowed in a better understanding of the communication needs and practices that are being followed in both the private sector and the public sector. This paper pertains to the formation of a judgmental view with regard to the communication methods that are utilized by both the sectors. 

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