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Coronado Communications Case Study Assignment Help

Coronado Communications, Inc. (CCI) was a midsized consulting company with corporate headquarters in New York City and satellite divisions in more than twenty-five of the largest cities in the United States. CCI was primarily a consult- ing company for large and small firms that wished to improve their communication systems, including computer hardware and networking systems. Each of the twenty-five divisions serviced its own geographical areas. Whenever a request for proposal was sent to CCI, corporate decided which satellite office would bid on the job.

In 2009, Fred Morse took over as president and CEO of CCI. Although CCI was successful and won a good portion of its contracts through competitive bid- ding, Morse felt that CCI could win more contracts if he created a climate of internal competition. Prior to Morse coming on board as the CEO, CCI corporate would decide which satellite office would bid on the job. Morse decided that any and all CCI branches could bid on each and every contract. This process meant that each satellite office would be competing with other satellite offices.

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1. Could you have anticipated that these results would have occurred?

 Project management business is very diverse and unpredictable (Harrison & Lock, 2017).  It was very difficult to anticipate that such results would come about in the organisation after Morse’s model was incorporated in the system. The internal competition was the major block that occurred, when one satellite office started to bid against the other they failed to remain one organisation, rather they increased the competition even further. The irrational bidding, cut into the profit of the firm in its entirety. Involving, all satellite offices, in the external bidding process, only led to reduced margins for the firm and it created a hostile atmosphere in the organisation that initially had a stable corporate culture. The profit margin was actually reduced due to this Morse model of competition because the internal competition was ensuring that the lowest bid be placed leading to erosion of the profit.

2. What happened to the corporate culture?

 The long established corporate culture of Coronado Communications was completely disrupted once Fred Morse took over in 2009 as the president and CEO of the company. Initially there was an environment of collaboration, where resources were shared and the profitability enhancement mattered as a whole.  The problem occurred in the organisation when internal departmental and satellite offices, which were divisions of the entire workforce, became organisations that were functioning in their own right and the entire culture of the organisation deteriorated as a whole. The culture in Coronado shifted from organisation centric to profit centric, with competition escalating on the internal level rather than with actual competitors.

3. Can project management practices be improved with a major repair to the corporate culture?

Many of the talented people had to be laid off by the satellite offices because of the lack of work, so the pipeline of succession was already destroyed largely. It would take a significant amount of time to find the right resources who would be able to ensure that the organisation can conduct project management in the same way as before. There will be a need to immediately change the corporate culture. There is a need to ensure that the collaborative environment be instilled, and then only the pool management of resources practice can be again incorporated into the system. In the opinion of Turner,(2016) project management practices are technical  knowledge oriented , change in corporate culture can help it only if the talented people can be rehired.

4. Is it realistic to expect each satellite office to have its own project management methodology? What happens when two or more satellite offices must work together?

 No, it is not realistic. In the case of working together if the methodologies are different, it can create major problem in the benchmarking of the standards that shall be followed for the project. Different benchmarking can create different issues in the organisational level (Binder, 2016).  There can be some problems associated with supplier, vendor interactions as different methodologies entail different kind of dealing, and the different dealing will lead to unnecessary complications. Interchange ability of resources can also pose to be a major problem. When the personnel are used to only one methodology of project handling, there can be major confusions that can arise if there are some major issues associated with adapting so quickly.

5. Can CCI be fixed? If so what would you do and how long do you estimate it would take to make the repairs?

The situation in CCI can be fixed, however it will take a lot of time and plenty of resources to ensure that the collaborative environment can be brought back, the change in the culture cannot be eliminated immediately.  Turnaround in project management business is possible but for that there has to be massive order booking (Heagney, 2016).  The biggest loss that the organisation is facing is the loss of some talented people in the satellite offices and another major loss that the organisation has been facing is that the clients have also become dissatisfied with the project management capabilities. That is the loss of goodwill has become a major concern for the organisation in the market. Reviving these will require quite some time, which will make it difficult for the organisation to stick around in this dynamic project management business.

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