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Positive Guest Experience Assignment Help

A positive guest experience is mainly the result of guests who have positive encounters and interactions with employees who provide the utmost quality service. Based on the hospitality industry, identify methods, strategies, and tools this industry uses to deliver the “wow” factor and enhance the guest experience.



One of the essentials of working in the hospitality industry is to make sure that the customers are being provided with substantial amount of preference with regards to the quality of the products and services. For a fine dining experience, one of the essential factors is to make sure that the customers are being provided with comforting services that would allow them to gain a positive notion about the industry and would pertain them to continue visiting the fine dining restaurant. The discussion provided below is entitled towards the identification of various ways that the fine dining industry uses to retain the loyalty of the customers for their products and services.

Main Body

1. Describe how the industry involves the guest in order to provide quality service.

According to Tran (2018), there is a possibility that the involvement of the customers or the guests would ensure the fine dining ventures to continue their operations in a significant manner and would allow them to gain the attention of the customers significantly. The employees of this sector have to make sure that they are empathetic and very humble with each and every question asked by the customers for the benefit of the restaurant. The involvement of the guest in this particular section is mainly in the form of feedback and their special requirements for every dish they order. This provides the restaurant with an opportunity to understand their preferences and make proper choices about the kind of rebounds and changes that need to take place for providing proper and quality services. Also, many restaurants belonging to this industry ensure the use of service quality model that make sure that the services factor has been considered as an additional and vital element that triggers the customer’s decision, experience and the nature of their satisfaction for the restaurant (Peng & Chen, 2015). 

The typical service expectations of the customers are always the kind of behaviour that has been initiated by the servers and the managers and the quality and taste of the food. The behaviour of the managers and the servers have always played an essential role in ensuring that they have a humble behaviour and a smile on their face while answering the queries of people or when they are disappointed with the service provided. 

2. Summarize two (2) service standards the industry uses to meet customer expectations.

The concept of service standards ensure that the restaurant is able to establish and maintain certain level of interaction for the better patronization of the business and for the future prosperity as well. In order to flourish in this industry, every server or manager must have a variant level of communication with the customers. According to Markovic, Raspor Jankovic & Dorcic (2011), the service quality standards has three dimensions’ physical quality, corporate quality and the interactive quality. For the long run, a fine dining restaurant must be able to levitate the following quality standards that are vital:

Physical Quality

The physical quality comprises of the level of attractiveness the place has, the kind of ambience they have managed to provide. The quality of the food also falls under this category. The physical structure of the venue has to be exotic enough to meet the standards of the people and thus, it would lead to the idea that they would be able to gain adequate amount of attention in the industry (Markovic, Raspor Jankovic & Dorcic, 2011). The presentation of each dish also plays a key role in making sure that it represents the house best and the kind of hygiene that is being practiced in the back of the kitchen. 

Interactive Quality

The persona of interactive quality mainly refers to the level of interaction that is being maintained by the service providers and the users. Many people have different kind of preferences for one dish or drink. It is the responsibility of the server to listen to them carefully and ensure that they are being incorporated in their dish to suit their convenience (Tsaur & Yen, 2019). 

3. Recommend one (1) “wow” element the industry could apply to each of the two (2) service standards in order to make the guest’s experience more memorable.

Every restaurant operating in this industry have their own sense of wow elements that allows them to understand the preferences of the customers and to retain their loyalty. However, it is of primal importance that the industry continues to incorporate the idea of incremental innovation from time to time to retain their preferences and make sure that proper care has been taken for each aspect (Alhelalat, Ma’moun & Twaissi, 2017). The service standards that has been specified as the most significant one earlier would have to continue to add significant newness from time to time and they are as follows:

Enhance the visual appeal by presenting culinary skills in front of the customers

As a part of the physical quality standards the servers must take the opportunity to show some culinary skills to attract the attention on the kind of aura that the restaurant has. This can be initiated on specific dishes like making Caesar salad in front of the table, or slicing steak, torching baked Alaska or Crème Brule and for many other dishes that deemed suitable for an attractive presentation. 

Maintaining a good etiquette and a gentleman posture

For a better interactive quality standard, it is essential that the servers and the other employees are able to maintain a good posture of and etiquette to answer all of the major queries of the customers and follow the idea of maintaining a proper costume that would allow them to conduct every operation conveniently (Rozekhi et al., 2016). A clear interaction and asking the customers to provide their feedback later for the service politely, would make sure to retain the attention of the customers permanently.

4. Recommend at least one (1) way the industry could better provide information to its guests.

The other industries always make sure that the customers are being provided with adequate amount of information from their respective websites or from their helpline numbers. It can also be stated that the people must be equipped with the knowledge on how to make contacts with the industry officials. Further, the officials can make announcements in the case of emergency or the 24x7 availability of the helpline number would make sure that they have been able to gain the attention of the customers on a significant level. The use of social media websites can also be initiated by the industry officials to make sure that proper information has been provided to the people about their restaurant (Jin et al., 2015). However, the use of their official website would be considered the most beneficial one as it would tend to provide accurate information and at the same time make sure that it has been updated from time to time. 

The use of this method would allow the customers to understand their technical standards and convince them into understanding the amount of advancements they have initiated to make sure that the customers have been able to understand the motives of the organisation.


The discussion provided above generated substantial amount of information on the hospitality industry and how it has pertained majority of the companies operating under it to get along with the ongoing advancements and make sure that they can procure the interests of the people. The discussion led to the understanding of the various service quality standards that are being followed by the organisations to make sure that they can enhance the level of their performance from time to time. The discussion also led to the understanding of the various innovation that can be added to their service standards for their effective performance. At last, it prescribed a proper way that can be used by the customers to gain viable information or details on the schedule or menu of a fine dining restaurant.


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