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Professional Preparatory Occupational Therapy Assignment Help

Admission Essay: As an applicant to a Professional preparatory Occupational Therapy Program, What does the term '' Professionalism" mean to you? What Professional Quality do you think is most important for a student and a OT( occupational Therapy) have?

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The report will discuss in detail about Occupational therapy. The concept of occupational therapy is not only another profession in health industry to address the suffering of patients from any disorder, but it is very serious than that. There are number of professionals here focus on client focused practice and aims on making sure that the clients work and be part of routine operations. 



The concept of professional can be defining as an individual conduct at work. The overall quality of this concept is not limited to those who are part of occupation with top level of education. A worker despite of their level of education must show a high level of characteristics. In order to act in professional manner at workplace, it is important to portray an image of the being trusts, competent and respectful (Kramer, 2018).  The concept of professionalism can focus on number of different kinds that focus on when one function and the kind of job accountability. 

Important Professional quality for Occupational Therapy

A professional individual must always believe in telling the truth as well as are also highly upfront about where things actually focus on. Correcting errors, consistent behaviour and admitting on being truthful are all considered as intertwined to the foundation of the personal integrity of a person. Traits like dishonesty never generate any good image, whether it is about lies one the resume or any other lies. An ideal professional is always direct and upfront, thus if the qualification is not right for the job or in case one does not apply for it or send the application as well as explain why people are perfect for work despite of it (Kuhaneckand Watling, 2015). The expectation is when there is any disagreement with the colleagues, it is important to not lose any control. Following is the detailed discussion which cover things to focus when determining on a career in case of occupational therapy: -

1. The practitioners of occupational therapy are different or diverse by nature: each and every practitioner among occupational therapy bring their own distinct kind of experience, personality traits and skill set to the discussion. The area of occupational therapy is not very interesting in developing cookie focused cutter experts (Pendleton and Schultz-Krohn,2017). On the other hand, the profession of OT mainly thrive on professional level diversity since the population is diverse by nature. 

2. Observation focused opportunities are significant: when one is focusing on whether or not to continue the path of OT, here the biggest advice is to learn more about the area of OT by understanding it in operations. As per the point of view of people, the concept of occupational therapy is a method way cooler in an individual as well as one understands varied things present in session that one only cannot grab on the website. 

3. Option of right personality, communication as well as skills at interpersonal level: like discussed in past, the concept of occupational therapy professionals are not anticipated to be cookie cutter notebook of one another (Radder et al., 2017). This implement to number of personality traits as well as interaction styles as well. But therapist do require where one is able to show the ability which is one is friendly, empathy, culturally right, non-judgmental, ethical and professional where all at the right time, ideally. 


They never really pay attention on the particular issue. In place of this, they choose for an approach which is holistic by nature that focus on acclimating the environment of patient, adjust with the tasks, motivating them to increase the overall participation as well as performance as a part of their living on routine basis (Taylor, 2017). 

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