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Human Resource Management Plan for Kiwi Know How Ltd. Assignment Help

Your task in this assignment is to create a Human Resource Management plan for the organisation. The plan is focused on the next five years. This should include as a minimum, the following sections


? Environmental trends (political, economic, social / demographic and technological) that could impact the human resource situation for the organisation.

? Assessing likely HR availability - to include an assessment of likely turnover and attrition forecasts, existing recruitment and / or succession plans

? Forecasting HR requirements - this should take into account the impact of any environmental trends or impacts from HR availability assessment. You should include

o An assessment of how many roles (full-time equivalent) will be needed and a summary of their purpose

o Any changes to overall organisation or approach with justification

? Gap analysis - what is the gap likely to be between supply and demand (HR availability and HR requirements).

? Recommendations for action - this may include, but is not limited to, recommendations in the following areas

o External Recruitment - numbers

o Internal movements - promotions, redeployments

o Outplacing / redundancies

o Outsourcing of any functions

o Training and development requirements

o Any other requirements

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The following study will be based on the human resource management of Kiwi Know How Ltd. This study will show the next five-years planning process for the company in terms of managing and expanding the business into a new location. The company understands the potential of conducting business in a new place and looking forward to it.

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Assessing likely HR availability

The gross domestic product of the nation is likely staying moderate for about 1 to 2% for the next five years. The tourism sector accounts for 18% of the total exports. One out of ten people employed in New Zealand belongs to the travel and tourism sector. There isa total of 41 operators in New Zealand. This company can get the right amount of market share if it continues to work on removing its flaws. If the company gave more priority to Asian tourists than it can make revenue of about 40 to 45,000 $ in a year. In another world, it can produce around 200,000 to 225, 000 $ in five years (Schweidel, & Knox, 2013).

Attrition is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to calculating the revenue and profit margin of the company. It can help estimate how long an employee will work within a company and how much money need to spend on them. The formula for attrition is (Attrition Rate =some attrition / Average number of employee * 100), and the number of employees who are left is called the amount of Attrition (Schweidel, & Knox, 2013).

At present, there are only five trainers in the office and after the opening of the office two staffs are lost within the last six years. The company is looking to hire for the new office a total number of 8 tanners, and five customer service trainers along with eight management tanners will be more than enough to run.

Forecasting HR requirements

The human resource forecasting is always based on the factors affecting the needs for labour. Factors such as projected sales, attrition, office growth productivity and many more are directly related to human resource forecasting. There are a fewwell-known methods to calculate human resource forecasting. For example, managerial judgment, work-study technique, ratio trend analysis and many more (Kelsey, 2015).

At an average annual basis, there are total 2080 hours, and it is calculated as 8 hours per day × 5 working days per week × 52 weeks per year. If the company employee right amount of part-time workers then it will be easy for them to convert into full-time staff they equate.However, as per the conditions of the company, it will be best for them to conduct their operations with 20 employees in total ona full-time basis if it breaks down o half time basis than the number will be doubled (Raft, Millet, & Meistelman, 2015).

The organisation always struggle to change if the environment is violent. However, the organisation can make significant changes because the political scenario is quite stable along with other experts of the external environment. The organisation can take part-time workers and allow itself open to new ideas from them. Even after the training, every employee provides somewhat different services to the end consumer; therefore by enabling itself to a new employee, the company gains more in terms of quality of services.

Gap analysis

Gap analysis can be considered as a method of measuring the difference in performance between two different sectors of the organisation. The gap analysis between HR requirements and HR availability is to understand the HR goals. It is the task of the gap auditor to make a statement of the strength and weakness, which provide or detract from the abilities of employees to operate effectively (Armstrong, & Taylor, 2014). The auditor would help further with a recommendation for improvements in the HR system, the culture of the organisation and other HR related practices. The discrepancy between new talent and skills available is one of the different critical perspectives in gap analysis. The audit assists by putting a light on shortfalls in departments of roles within the company. It also helps in understanding the skills that are currently available with the employees and the skills that are needed for the smooth running of the organisation.

Recommendations for action

External Recruitment- The company needs at least 20 full time working members to run a new office in that area. However, if the company chose to take part-time workers as well, then the number can go maximum up to twice the number of full-time works.

Internal movements - Internal movement is very much necessary in any company. Therefore, promotions of hardworking and efficient workers are very much needed. There are a couple of workers within the company who work are and much more efficient and can provide better expertise on service methods. Redeployment of workers in times of peak season is an excellent practice and should be conducted in every branch of the organisation.

Outplacing/redundancies-Ahigher number of employees in less revenue making a market is harmful to the company. The company should look for a way to make necessary changes.

Outsourcing of any functions- The advertisement of the company needs to be outsourced. The company does not have any IT department. The company should look for ways to remove its flaws from the working environment.

Training and development requirements- Training is not running efficiently; hence improvement in the area is needed. A lot of money is being spent in this department, but the result is inconsistent.

Any other requirements- The company needs a communication overhaul. Many of its issues can be resolved with a proper communication channel.

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