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ITA 501 Pricing and Quoting

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Cost accounting, quotes and logistic sales are essential to the freight forwarding business. Students will learn how to determine the actual cost of transporting goods by different modes of transport, how to convince customers that these services are most suitable for their needs, and how to sell the costs (plus profits) to potential customers. Students will study how to estimate the cost of mergers to maximize profitability, and how to deal with variables such as currency exchange rate changes, fuel surcharges, currency adjustment factors, port congestion surcharges, and so on. The course covers the highest price (including selling price) according to Incoterms.

Learning outcome: Upon successful completion of ITA501 Pricing and Quoting course, students will be able to:

1. Identify the variables that will affect the net price.

2. The value of export by sea and air is added up.

3. Determine the appropriate offer format for different types of shipments.

4. Prepare consolidated shipment revenue.

5. Be prepared to consider the financial and legal costs of the transaction.

6. Demonstrate how freight forwarders will use effective personal selling techniques to sell their offerings and services.

7. Explain the market research conducted by the freight forwarders.

8. Analyze customer behavior.

9. Demonstrate how freight forwarders handle customer complaints about prices.

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