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COMP 30026 Business Intelligence and Analytics, Middle East College, UAE


Question :

Evaluate the business process and propose a new / improved business intelligence and analytics. You are required to develop a report not exceeding 2500 words, which comprises of the following.

Answer :

Business Intelligence and Analytics Omantel Tele-Communications

Introduction of the company

Omantel Tele-Communications Company, popularly known as OMANTEL excels in providing internet services to the country and was the first telecommunication company of Oman. The Oman government exhibits 51% shares in the company. They lead in delivering high quality internet services, thereby promising to deliver a digital culture to the citizens of their country. They are also providing opportunities of exploring new businesses and making the world a place of tremendous information and recreation at the doorsteps. The objective of Omantel is to accomplish all the expectations of their customers, to construct a healthy team-oriented culture and to deliver high profits to their stakeholders. It was founded in 1980 with its headquarters situated in Muscat, Oman(Apriza&Utami, 2018).

Omantel’s Business process

Omantel is the largest company in terms of delivering telecom services in the country. For all the calls that you make, whether it is local or international, messages or internet services, the company has the largest and the major share.The company has rigorously worked on its business processes has strategies to provide a high connectivity to its customers. It has emerged to be a high-tech company in the telecom sector. They are considered to be the leaders in the manufacturing of submarine cables (Asghar, Ayyaz& Abbas, 2013).

All this owes to the business processes being followed by the company. Omantel has recently signed an agreement to purchase 425.7 million shares from the Kuwaiti mobile company, which stands o 9.84 of the common shares. With the new and existing ventures, Omantel is all set to provide high quality internet services and fulfilling the growing demands of the internet and broadband by aligning its social and economic objectives, within the country. Business process of any company refers to a set of activities, which once completed, help the organization achieve a desirable goal (Aydin, 2013).

The company’s business processes and goals are all aligned to present an efficient internet quality to its individuals and corporate customers. The main business goal for the company is to keep generating immense value and revenue for its stakeholders and it can be believed that it is the only way in which the business could be enhanced. To do that in the best possible manner, the company has launched Omantel 3.0, which is their new corporate strategy for the upcoming 6 years (Dachyar, Rusli& M. Zagloel, 2013).

This will evaluate the company’s performance from 2015—2020. Since Omantel is a telecommunication company, their main business process is to deliver voice, high speed data, internet and broadband service to their customers. It involves the company’s collaboration with various other companies that help in providing access to internet, wireless communication and messaging, paging etc. but, there lies a fact that the service providers are also facing challenges due to tough competition in the market. Omantel has made a great progress in abidance with the Government strategy and vision 2020. The business processes are segregated into


1) Voice- pre-paid and post -paid

2) Value add services-MMS, SMS, video call and other internet services

3) Fixed line services- internet services and leased line

4) Technology- Use of GPRS technology, increased data rates, video streaming etc(Ferdous &Rahaman, 2009).

Comparison of business process/intelligence with other companies

On making a comparative analysis of business intelligence between Omantel and OHI telecommunication company, it is being observed that both the companies are making efficient use of business tools and techniques to increase their expansion and growth. The companies are extensively using data mining and data visualization techniques to ease their system of working. OHI telecom offers various value-added services like Push to talk, mobile data and location-based services. On the other hand, Omantel is using a much better and comprehensive technology. It uses the most important tool available in the market called Sisensebecause of its numerous functions and various interfaces.

This tool helps to simplify the complex data that is coming from various multiple sources. Both the companies aim to achieve customer satisfaction and efficient marketing intelligence in order to achieve success and have a good competitive advantage. The companies are further planning to elaborate their infrastructure and more investment in equipment so that the customer satisfaction can be achieved in addition to greater profit margins. The collection and presentation of data, its outsourcing has been simpler with the eminent use of Business intelligence tools and techniques. The methodology of data mining has a wider acceptance in the market and delivers desired results as well. Although both the companies are already using better methods of technology, it is advised that the use of applications like OLAP and BP software will also enhance the growth of the organization.

Analysis of business framework

Business Intelligence Framework.jpg

Business Intelligence Framework

In the digital era where we live, there is a large amount of data that forms multiple databases, which sometimes leads to mishandling of data resources. Business intelligence, comprises of a mixture of analytical tools such as data mining and handling tools are parts of knowledge management. Business intelligence is directly associated with supply chain management, but while analysing, it can be seen that business intelligence is a fusion of data and technologies. Business intelligence have tried its practical implications in almost all disciplines (Gou & Lu, 2013).

If we talk of telecommunications industry such as Omantel, therefore we will discuss the role played. Business Intelligence has helped Omantel in achieving a greater profitability rate and also contribute in constructing concrete strategies, that can support major decisions related to the company, looking for better opportunities for the company, identifying the problems emerging and taking adequate actions for the same. The main objective of BI is to supervise and assess the performance of company throughKPIs, which are termed as key performance indicators. Oman uses these KPIs to evaluate the sales of their company region wise, evaluation of their distributors and representatives engrossed in sales work. They exhibit these performances in the form of BI reports. The company has also been able to strengthen its supply chain network. This is quite helpful for the team members as well as collection of data for the company in a comprehensive manner becomes easy (Huemann, 2010).


Data mining too is another part of business intelligence which is used by the experts. Though it has to face a lot of challenges, due to the larger size of data and other real time requirements. Telecommunication industry was the first ones to adopt this technology to provide a better future to their customers. Omantel does the same. It is extensively using this technology to manages its larger sized data, as it possesses a huge customer base, and is easily flexible to a changing environment. It has also helped Omantel to safeguard itself from frauds, and make their marketing strategies better (Ichsan&Latief, 2010).

At times, the company also has to face network failures due to massive data, but this technology is still gaining popularity. Omantel has maintained its data by keeping a record of phone calls, that contain all the relevant information for each phone call done. They also have a record of all their customers, for e.g.  their billing information. This is quite helpful to the company as it provides opportunities to the company to improve their results (Lachugin&Matveeva, 2015).

Data visualization is the biggest boon to Omantel that any company can get. Its use has become a priority for all the companies that are operating in the telecommunication sector. As Omantel is the leading company in telecommunications and possesses a massive amount of data of its customers, it is essential for the company to have a processor that can store its data for a longer period of time and enhance their business powers. The company is extensively using the same and has genuinely lit fire in storing tremendous data giving major business goals. With this powerful tool, the company has been able to manage their data and extract information whenever required (Maguire, Ojiako& Said, 2010).

The company is prominently using OLAP to have better understanding of its customer chain. It is inclusive of the BI software and possesses enormous benefits. The base to be provided to OLAP comes from data warehousing. Managing data for a telecom company is no less than a nightmare. This largely established firm has the potential to manage and protect its data through OLAP. It not only stores enormous amount of data, but also protects the systems and networks from failure and malfunctions (Samarkin& Tarasov, 2016).

Literature review

Be it any business, achieving customer satisfaction is the prime objective of any company. Omantel excels to serve its customers since decades and considerably ensuring maximum deliverability to its stakeholders as well. Omantel has implemented various techniques and tools to safeguard and protect its data as well as its broadband networks from frauds, malfunctions and failures.  The increase in globalization, and the orientation of the company towards its customers has created a competitive environment for the company, and undoubtedly Omantel has managed to go through all obstacles and be the leader in the telecommunication sector of Oman. The BI tools fulfil the following requirements (Smurov&Sulima, 2017): -


• Increased customer satisfaction

• A healthy supply chain

• Efficiently managed data

Omantel has recently signed an agreement with a software service provider called SAP for cloud implementation in Oman. This will help the company to manage local cloud implementations. In this agreement, all the hardware and software are managed well, thereby increasing the revenue for the company (Zhu & Liu, 2010).

The company is rigorously using Sisense to provide a better insight to its customers. It carries the potential to resolve all the challenges that the companies with larger volumes of data need to face. The biggest problem of compiling and preparing the data for an analysis, can be done quickly using Sisense. It possesses an In-chip storage memory which easily analyses the data. It does take support of BI tools such as data visualization etc. to accomplish its process(???, 2013).
Proposed business intelligence and analytics framework

Omantel is already making efficient use of business intelligence tools and techniques to stand as a leader in the telecommunication sector. For a much better prospective, it is proposed that the company must adopt a BI-driven data mining technology.

Figure 2.jpg

BI-driven data mining technology flowchart

Business intelligence driven data mining [ BIdDM] is the combination of a knowledge data mining and method data mining. They are able to complete the space that exists between business intelligence and other data methods that exist in e-business. Data mining has a positive impact on many businesses. BIdDM will enhance the decision-making power of the company, it will increase their planning process and facilitate competitive advantage (Trequattrini, Russo & Lombardi, 2012).
 The proposed methodology has the potential to change the picture of the organization in terms of business and growth. Since Omantel is dealing with a highly sophisticated data on a daily basis, this technology will prove to be a boom to the company. BIdDM has the capacity to store a larger amount of data and also processes complicated information in less time (Samarkin& Tarasov, 2016).

Challenges faced, benefits


Omantel is the leading company in delivering internet and broadband services in Oman, but also has to face challenges in day to day life. There are lot of factors that affect the investment strategies in Oman. The country has a very small number of people and there is absence of highly defined market in the country. The situation is escalated because the neighbouring city, Dubai is a hub for almost many companies and fields. Other neighbouring countries give high relaxation on subsidiaries which diverts the investors. Though Oman is a country to enhance the marketing potential of any business, it still presents obstacles for foreign organizations to start a new business. The main concern for Omantel is the Omanization process, which almost all the companies need to follow. This process has been formulated by the government in which a particular quota is fixed for Omani employees on the basis of the sector they are working for. At times, it becomes difficult for the company to fulfil these quotas. The companies are also encouraged to make new positions and introduce training programs for new recruitments which becomes a costly affair (Asghar, Ayyaz& Abbas, 2013).


Telecommunication has been able to improve the working efficiency of the people to a marginal extent. The technology used in telecommunication industry has benefitted the companies to utilize their times in a proper manner.Omantel has helped the customers and their lives in a better manner(Bippart, 2013).

• Improved efficiency- Omantel has been able to improve the efficiency and smoothened the means of transferring information from one place to another. It is ensured by the company that the information is passed on various levels in a accurate manner.  The introduction of applications such as ezTalk clouds has helped the employees to communicate with each smoothly.

• Saving money and time

• Improved team work

• Flexibility of transferring information

Critical analysis and recommendations

Critical analysis

Regardless of the challenges faced, Omantel has managed to stabilize itself in both fixed and mobile categories. The company is striving hard to expand and upgrade the network which will increase the efficiency of the services delivered to the customers. The critical analysis states that the company is focusing on methods to increase customer retention and managing costs at all ends to increase the profitability. The company has also made an acquisition in the Zain group which will increase the shares of the company. It is expected that the deal will bring long term economic benefits to the company. Omantel is also in collaboration with the East African telecommunication providers and will focus on the use of fibre optic cables undersea. This will help Omantel to expand its company in Africa.  Omantel is also an essential partner in the Bay of Bengal cable network. This is the first network which will connect Singapore directly with Middle east (Brown, 2011).


It is recommended for Omantel that the company must emphasize on the promotional campaigns such as advertising so that the constructive marketing strategies that they made turn to be fruitful. In order to be ahead of its competitors, the company must also present internet service offers for its customers, which will increase the profit margin for the company. To protect the company from domestic as well as international threats, Omantel must do massive investments like purchasing of data parks, which will also increase the business potential of the company (Dachyar, Rusli& M. Zagloel, 2013).


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