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Discussion and Case Review on UPS- Sustainability Assignment Help

Q1. How does UPS approach toward sustainability impact the triple bottom line? Be specific.

Q2. Which internal and external stakeholders are positively and negatively affected by UPS approach to sustainability?

Q3. To what extent is UPS approach toward sustainability consistent with the four approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas?

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1) UPS sustainability approach is mainly contained in its attempts by recognizing two significant aspects viz., the responsibility to contribute to the society and to the environment. Further every investment that the company is making should return some value addition to the organization. Broadly speaking the five step approach of the company included assessing the strengths, choosing the spots, finding momentum, building productive partnerships and finally convening the other sources of strength.Taking advantage of momentum's extra benefits in developing more robust sustainability programme. The current sustainability initiatives taken up by the company are very much useful in enabling the company contributes to the society in terms of the social responsibility. Further it can work on to contribute to the betterment of the environment by enhancing the safety on roads. When drivers are taught with safe procedures of driving on roads there will be minimum property loss and life loss. Prevention of property loss will reduce the otherwise possible life cycle emissions from each of these products. Also the cost wise it is an economic value additions since there are both direct savings to the company in terms of the prevention of the property loss and secondly the indirect savings also will be there in terms of avoidance of compensation payments to the effected parties in general. In any case, it is a positive impact to all the three elements of the triple bottom line by the sustainability approach taken up by the UPS organization(Alhaddi,2015).

2) Internal stakeholders that are positively impacted immediately are the drivers with better exposure to the safe driving practices, better skills and knowledge their professional competency will improve. Further management of UPS can get better brand image and prestige in the market; this can contribute to the competitive advantage as well. Further the investors and other financial stakeholders can get advantage in terms of the financial returns from the organization. Secondly the external stakeholders like the public will get benefits from the initiatives of UPS directly as well indirectly. Directly the new drivers can benefit from the safe driving lessons of UPS. Indirectly the safety on roads is a contributing factor to the betterment of the lives on the road. Other stakeholders like government agencies will be positively benefitted as some of their social responsibility is being shared by UPS, they can focus their resources for other beneficial activities (Lim and Greenwood, 2017).

3) The approach discussed in the current framework of sustainability practices by UPS is positively justified by all the four elements of ethical dilemmas. For that matter, utilitarian approach is contained in ensuring greatest good to the more number of people which is enabled by making the life safer to maximum number of people. Infact the current approach has no any inherent disadvantages to any of the stakeholders in general. The individual approach of maximizing the benefits on long run has no implications to the others and every stakeholder in this set up is equally benefitted from the scenario. Fundamental rights of every person is respected there is no breach of rights and infact moral rights for well being are respected and honored in the current approach towards sustainability. Impartial standards of fairness are honored and the sustainability practices proposed do not have any biased intentions in the execution of the same (Garsten and Hernes, 2008).

4) UPS approach is not actually intended purely for material returns, it is a part of social responsibility initiative by the company. However it is in line with the value addition initiatives of the organization. UPS is more likely to get a more positive brand image; the organization will get better loyalty from the customers as today CSR is another key element that is influencing the choice of the customers. Such tendencies will contribute to the betterment of revenues to the company. Secondly the company also can find some economic benefits in terms of prevention of the property and life losses from accidents. So the approach comprehensively will prove advantageous to the organization by paying off in all these aspects (Pedersen and Neergaard, 2016).

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