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Portfolio: Pre-Registration Nursing Course Assignment Help

1. Critically reflects on appropriate, sensitive, compassionate and effective interpersonal and communication skills with a variety of people and settings

2. Critically analyses the role of lifelong learning and personal development as an essential precursor to developing honesty, integrity and competent professional practice

3. Critically evaluate and reflects on own ability to demonstrate a professional image in behaviour and appearance

4. Critically evaluate previous learning experiences which have sought to provide evidence-based solutions to problems or questions

5. Construct a developmental plan to address identified learning needs, reflecting on limitations of own knowledge

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In this portfolio, my learnings and experiences while studying business and economic forecasting and working as a support worker in healthcare settings have been reflected. I will evaluate my areas of strength and weakness that will help in the future management of work attitudes and highlights areas of improvement. The first section will describe the sensitive, compassionate, effective interpersonal and communication skills from my past experiences. The second section describes the personal development and previous learning experiences and its importance in the future career. Finally, the third section addresses my weaknesses and learning requirements for future professional development as a nurse. Besides, I have also mentioned requisite strategies to combat the weakness and outlined the additional learning requirements needed to broaden my knowledge scope.

Interpersonal and communication skills

Based on my experience of working in healthcare settings, I learned that communication skill is highly relevant for developing partnership and collaborative relationship. Effective communication with patients and colleagues is the key interpersonal skill requirements for quality outcomes in patient-centred Care (Homer, Brodie, and Leap 2019). In the past, I was working as a support worker in residential homes and gained experience over 10 years. The work responsibility in these settings includes dealing with patients suffering from learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. During practices, my focus was to improve the two-way communication, in the form of either verbal or non-verbal process. As a result, it helped me in developing strategies to avoid miscommunication, identify risk, and manage delegation or negotiation, with any conflicts and problem-solving. In this way, I listen to the concerns of the other person, which is necessary while working with patients as well as with physicians.

Having experience as a support worker, I have also developed the skills of problem-solving and conflict management. Additionally, I also developed competencies in conjunction with inclusion of traits during communication such as empathy, caring, patience, and clear (relevant) counselling. Here, my educational qualification in business and economics forecasting was also relevant, as it supports in the development of analytical and logical attitude. In addition to this, it also renders an improvement in critical thinking and skills related to risk identification and mitigation. These skills are obviously expected to have a positive impact on my future nursing career.

Personal development and previous learning experiences

The active experience in healthcare settings is not only relevant for the development of communication skills but also improved my care service competencies (especially, in terms of safe and effective practice). Further, being an "economist", I have also developed my numerical skills which could be relevant for administering medications, patient data handling, and analysis of clinical results efficiently and responsively. Development of these traits was discussed in this section, as because, they are highly relevant for a competent (registered) nurses.

Within this archetype, working as a "carer" and "support worker" has transformed my personality into a leader. Personally, I have realised my capabilities for being motivating and encouraging to the patients and their family members, in conjunction with combating the disease. With this leadership skill, it is easy to build a trust-based relationship with patients, which helped them to recover quickly. Also, in this close association of working with patients, I become supportive, understanding and patience at work. Nevertheless, it also helped me in becoming encouraging and flexible in my work and decision-making approach. With the opportunity of being engaged in health settings outside the hospital, I developed a sense of responsibility, professionalism, respectability, and dependability. For instance, while working with patients having challenging behaviour and learning disabilities, I have learned to become flexible according to their requirements. Flexibility in this context is also an important feature, where new challenges arise each day (Harris, Hepburn, and Hesketh 2016).

Weaknesses and learning requirements

Identification and improvement of weaknesses as a part of self-assessment helps in ensuring achievement of the career goals in the field of nursing. However, I have also experienced that working for long hours without any rest, often creates stress, overburden and results into frustration. As a matter of fact, in such a situation, it becomes difficult for me to understand the patient's requirement and creates a communication gap. According to Manyisa, and van Aswegen(2017), working continuously without resting is responsible for the generation of depression and stress among nursing professionals. Also, it is also evident that working with frustration in the healthcare setting can have an adverse effect on the patient's health (Manyisa et al 2017). For this weakness, I am working in this regard by following the procedure of meditation and taking a sleep of at least 6 hours every day.

Apart from this, I have work experience in a community care setting, in residential homes. In order to increase my knowledge in nursing, I am also engaged in"practical training" sessions and workshop, in the acute care setting. These training are helpful in expanding knowledge and offers in-depth knowledge about the working conditions with patients in critical or emergency situations (Homer et al 2019). I am also focussed to learn new insights from the PG Dip Nursing Course with the help of educators and fellow learners. This course will aid to my present level of understanding on nursing responsibilities and regulations.


In summary, the given portfolio reflects my knowledge and experience gained while working as a support worker in healthcare settings. The detailed of the report reflects the improvement of competency level with reference to efficient communication, problem-solving, patience and counselling qualities, which is essential in the present era' nursing practices. Additionally, my numerical skill is also excellent, which might be relevant for the purpose of administering medications for patients. With due experience, my competency level has also expanded the development of leadership skills, which, in my opinion, is highly relevant for encouraging and convincing the patients in their treatment process. However, I am working further to create a work-life balance, such as reducing work pressure and frustration. Nevertheless, I wish to gain experience by working in an acute care setting as well, which I believe will be helpful in my future career perspectives.

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