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Media Culture Globalization Assignment Help

An account of globalization that is based on economics is just too simple. Critically analyse this claim. Your answer should include reference to the course readings from Van Dijck, Appadurai (with particular reference to the five scapes), and McChesney.


1. Media system impacts on economic, technology and cultural aspects.


Media have affected various aspects.

2. How has Neoliberalism affected economics and politics?

3. Further, what do you forecast?

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1. Media system impacts on economic, technology and cultural aspects.

The media has been extremely active in spreading the economic, technological, cultural and political aspects of the country. The media is the pillar of a country's democracy and this has a vital impact on the economy of the country. They impact the economy, technological and cultural aspect of the country. The media has the power to either break of make anything and that means it can either make an institution or even break a political party. This can keep the institution alive. The media is a source to stay in contact with the society and to understand the democracy. The media helps to increase the performance of the company by helping them to generate a high amount of revenue. This is possible through the advertisements that comes in television and are projected through media.

The media industry is getting more and more concentrated and they are forming a conglomerate. This is helping in the generation of the more economy for the country as the country might become the centre of the conglomerate and this is a positive impact of globalisation (Kellner, 2019). There are many mergers and acquisitions of the media houses in global aspect. This helps in the social development of the country. They are helpful in the case of the revenue generation. There are guiding media firms who gets swallowed up and this helps in earning the money but end of a heritage media house (Hepp et al. 2015).

There is technological impact on the country by the media in much aspect. There can be news in the far distant place and that can be important news for globalisation. This news can only be reached through the media and its technology. This is the manner how technology is impacted by the media. The media impacts the industries and their work even and they are none less than winners. There are few industries where the concentration of the media has been stunning and global market has been affected in a vast manner by this media. Technology and media is interconnected and that media publish the news and without the technology they cannot publish the news. The platform of media is important for the technology to work and that technology needs the media to have news to publish and spread globalisation. The media helps in the development of the smaller brand by giving the advertisement in the technological. Prior to smart phones and the social adaptation it was extremely expensive to reach the people and especially the locations. There are many cultural aspects where the media also play an important role in spreading the important news about the cultural heritage.

2. How has Neo liberalism affected economics and politics?

Neo liberalism has impacted the economics and the politics and the social studies in such a manner that it has transferred the control of the economical factors in the private sector that too from public sector. The central dogma of Neo liberalism is the economic growth and that is through the increasing competition by the deregulation of the health, social affairs, environmental laws and market in domestic sectors. In all the three areas of media and communication there is an important role played by the media culture to promote the global market. This would have been impossible without the essence of the media culture and the digital communication and computing.

Neo liberalism is a term that refers to the national and international policies that mainly call for the business domination with the minimum countervailing force. The agenda of economic reform was mainly institutionalised by IMF, International Monetary Fund and accepted worldwide. This was admirably profitable to the governing elite politician nexus (Crane et al. 2016). The neo liberalism has helped in the development of the economical condition of the country and that is based upon the profit at any cost from the capital and the industrialisation of energy intentisivised products. Through the reforms of the economy, the governments try to maintain the interest of the ultra rich and they gradually take over the seats of the public assets. They do so by restricting governance in creating and defending the market by protecting private property (Flew and Waisbord, 2015). There has always been emphatic turn towards neo liberalism in the economic and political practice. Neo liberalism has been argued as the main driver of globalization. This globalisation is seen as the effect of global neo liberalism. Economic neo liberalism is a theory of ideological conviction that mainly supports the increment of freedom of economy in individuals. In this manner this helps in reduction of the state intervention to almost bare minimum level. This takes the level to the connection between the neo liberalism and globalisation. The globalisation space is created as the neo liberalism increases the prices of the products, the costs of investments, reduces the social security and preaches individualism. The political effects of this neo-liberalism are fraught and they held for and against ideas in the name of each other.

The Global media system plays an important role in spreading the information regarding the global and regional expansion of the market and the services. The emerging media system also helps to understand and spread the area of democracy and the emergence of highly concentrated media system is there in the hands of private concerns. They can use the free press for any theory in democracy. However, politically strong owners can dominate the media society and they have been controlling the media for long. Thus the media culture cannot bring forth the political situation in the neoliberal situation.

3. Further, what do you forecast?

The study helps to understand that there might be positive response by the media when they impact the technology, the culture and the economy of the country. The globalisation is the most important aspect of the development of a country. However there can much positive and negative impact that can be forecast in for and against the globalisation and the effect of the media.

The globalisation can be a waste of, materials and tradition. There are some aspects where the media plays the important in spreading the tradition of one place into another. However in that case, the tradition might not be acceptable in some places and that can be harmful for the country or the specific place that is having the impact of globalisation. The media will play its role and they will spread the tradition but the authenticity of the place will be destroyed. The people from other places will be accepting the tradition. That is positive in one sense and on the other hand that is not acceptable.

The globalisation can impact the economy of one place. There is a movement that they want to buy local food and that includes mainly the organic food. This is harmful in the sense that the people from other places are coming to buy the product of those places (Jacobs, 2016). This is giving the money and increasing the economy of the place. However, the economy increment is not the only target of any country. There can be a scenario where the authenticity of the products is getting destroyed and that the people are buying those products and selling them outside the places and earning more money.

The study forecasts that globalisation and the role of media in globalisation can lead to a hyper specialisation state, which is good but can turn negative even. There is a great advantage in being a generalist and not giving importance to everything and not only to anything specific. This would do incredibly good in some aspect; however that can be equally negative when anything specific is in need. The media plays an important in this case where they provide information about everything in general of the place where globalisation is spreading and that becomes general in natural.

There are many positive effects that the media can spread about globalisation and that might include that globalisation reduces the international poverty and can contribute to the technological development through the use of worldwide systems. This can add profitability to the companies and there can be stronger ties regarding the trade and generate the dependency between the nations.


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