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CDC Report on Teen Pregnancy Assignment Help

What do you think will happen to teen pregnancy rates in the future? 

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(i) The objective of the following part of the discussion is to find whether teen pregnancy rates will increase or decrease in future.

After critical insight into the vast amount of the statistical data available there in the US website, it is found that the teen birth rates at present are as follows, the total number of live births to mothers aged 15 to 19 is 209,809 and birth rate for mothers in the age 15-19 is about 20.3 for every 1000 women.

The trends in the birth rates are actually falling down, there are multiple evidences supporting the fact that the teen birth rates in the country are falling down.

» As per the data available between 1940 to 2013, teen birth rate has peaked in the year 1957 and thereafter from 1991 to 2013, the total birth rate has decreased by about 57% during this time. The rate of 2013 ie 26.6 for 1000 women is less than 1/3rd of the peak of the 1957. Further there is clear evidence to support the fact that the trend will continue to fall down. Some of the reasons for the same include usage of contraceptives, decreased sexual activities, use of hormonal contraceptions, injectables and intrauterine devices etc.

» As per the latest statistics of 2015, the teen birth rate declined to historical low for United States in 2015, it is down 8% from 2014 to 22.3 births per 1000 females in teen age. In 2015, the record low births recorded for the age group 15-17 and 18-19.

» Racial statistics also revealed similar trends, in 2015, it was 6.9 for Asian or Pacific Islander, 16 for non-Hispanic whites, 25.7 for American Indian or Alaska Natives, 31.8 for non Hispanic black and 34.9 for non Hispanic females of age from 15 to 19 years. Which accounted historical downfall of the teen births in all races in United States?

» On rural and urban groups also the birth rates are recorded lowest in the recent years, rural regions recorded highest births when compared with the urban regions, however still the trends in the birth rates are in the down fall in the recent years.

» Contraceptive usage increased in the recent years, there is increase in the usage of hormonal contraceptives, decrease in the sexual intercourse activities also recorded (CDC, 2019).

A collective summarization of all the above data indicates the facts that the teen birth rate will continuously reduce further. It may be possible that the quantity and trends in the downfall may change from region to region and the race to race, but as a whole the teen pregnancy and birth rates will fall down further in the coming years.

(ii) Interpretation of the control charts:

Control charts are significantly usable statistical charts to do process control. The depiction of the data found from the control charts can be of good use to understand the process. Observations made from the process, can be of good use to understand the actual process movement. Whether the process is in control, out of control, in the edge of control etc can be understood from the observations made in the control chart.

In the current case scenario, most of the points are falling on one side of the target line and they are close to the upper control limit. This means that there is some particular process parameter affecting the final outcomes of the process. If it is managed well, there is good scope to limit the process variation and to let the deliverables constrain as nearer to the mean as possible. Mean may mean the target line(spcforexcel,2019).

If there is consistent observation of points falling above the upper control limit or falling below the lower control limit, if observed, then it may mean that the process control is not proper and it may mean that the process is out of control. Then appropriate corrective actions need to be taken, to limit the process operations to rest within the control limits. For better understanding of the trends, zonal differentiation like techniques can be employed.

Control charts when employed to understand the trends in the deviation or out of control trends, better reasoning can be obtained regarding the causes working out to let the points deviate from the mean. Once these trends are understood, better procedures can be devised to control the same.


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