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All Hail The Queen: Beyoncé by Tamara Winfrey Harr Assignment Help

Task: Choose one of the articles the instructor listed as options. 

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The article highlights about how Tamara Winfrey Harris has been discussing about Beyoncé with her piece of feminism. She has been reasoning for those who she claims that she cannot consider as one of the female activists mainly because they have a turned out, booty shaking and imprinting the husband's last name on product. It helps in creating a creativity with folks questioning about the different values of functioning. Harris has been able to make different remarks about how Beyoncé has been able to work on lose circumstances mainly due to the nationality and the standing of celebrity.

Thesis Statement

The highlight is about how the verdicts are not only for just Beyoncé but also for the other feminists superstar. It is not easy for one to control the sexuality and decide on dressing in an attractive way always.

Critiques of Article

The article highlights on the attractive factors which is not only to worship for the patriarchy. Beyoncé also need to elect on dressing in a proper manner which is agreed based on how the orthodox people of male population finds it sex that one does not find in the middle ground. There are major factors related to the feminism and how the interdependence is the major choice which is to bring up a change to the leadership or for portraying the different role models. Feminism like Madonna and Taylor Swift have been seen to have a white complexion with showing sense of passion for turning the ideas of themselves being changed to the feminists. There are beliefs of equality about how men and women are resulting into feminism with Harris doing an acceptable job to bring the different subjects of ethnicity.
Beyoncé would require to also send the shots for the women who are not being seen as a white man, where the show of equality is determined through how the women are able to accept for not being able to get a white man. The understanding of showing equality is through the women which is considered to be a female root word. It includes the feminism which has been seen to be a growing voucher or occurrence, taking place around. Feminism gets more attention with events that involves the inequality mainly between the women and in different areas of world. The women leaders come down with the sense of women equality and not showing that the awareness of the female icons do. The public has come down to the type of topics where she has made discussion about the girls "running the world" back in 2011. This means that there is a part of movement or the program. Beyoncé used her trip at Super Bowl XLVII for making statements for giving the wave of feminism philosophy that has been entrenched in knowledge with women owning to their bodies. This is true but there are beliefs about how the people are able to express the equality and freedom of women.

The article has come up with the awareness on the judgement which is not only for Beyoncé but also for the other celebrity feminists. This is not easy to remember and be in control to decide upon the problems of sexuality and deciding to dress in the way one is bowing down for the patriarchy. There are manner that happens to be coinciding with the straight male population which does not tend to compromise with independence or feminism. The choice is about patriarchy winning factor. There are factors of success which offers reasons to cheer and enjoy the different record-breaking career success where the control has been in the male run industry. The instances are about how the exemplar of female power and booty shaking can help in brining a change to the feminist values.

The factors of feminism have been related to the problem of image. Here, the achieving of goals is through achieving the mass appeal with ignition of participation. The factors generally contribute towards resistance where class and race is seen to be divided from the beginning. The mass media has been a medium where people are generally educated about feminism with radical fringe and loud voice that has a factor of extreme views and methods. The culture of celebrity tends to encompass with wider variety of beliefs and values from where a diversified feminism brand tend to grow. This includes defined factors over sexuality which is for examining the rough edges as well. It comes through planning on the different interviews about sexuality and demonstrating the moment of pride and empowerment of ownership and agency.


The judgement for the personal political factors is based on the biasing society. The personal and professional decisions are made depending upon the needs and pressures. It requires the acknowledgement of influences which is uncharitable and best. The discussion is about choosing and focusing over the feminist role model that makes perfection of the good for all women. Beyoncé has been turning the word which is used for demeaning the women for empowering the anthem. It is for seeing the irony and the humor in phrase. The illustrations are about speaking to the fans for empowerment and the self-love, with lamenting on the pressures for living in a perfect society. Along with this, the permission needs to be made for the mistakes, confusion and exploring of the paths.

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