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For this Discussion, you will identify an area of interest for a possible research topic. As you read about the different philosophical orientations in this week’s readings, consider if one of these orientations most closely aligns with your worldview and a particular approach to research. With these thoughts in mind: 

Post a brief description of your topic of research interest. Next, state the philosophical orientation that reflects your worldview and explain the epistemological and ontological assumptions of this orientation. Then, explain how these assumptions lend themselves to one or more research approaches. 

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The illnesses which are triggered by organisms like fungi, bacteria, parasites or any kind of viruses are called infectious diseases. We all are aware that many organisms live in our bodies. These organisms are basically innocuous or it may be helpful in some or the other way. But it is also notable that in certain given circumstances, some organisms may cause some kind of disease. There are diseases which are infectious and which can be conceded from person to another. Some of these can be transferred by bites from bugs or animals. On the other hand others are assimilated by consumptionof adulterated food or water or under certain circumstances also being bare to creatures in the surroundings(Mayo Clinic, 2019).

Infectious diseases and related topics have always interested me.The symptoms of disease vary and depend on the organism instigating the infection, but most often it may result in fever and fatigue(Mayo Clinic, 2019). It has also been seen that some infectious disease may result in hospitalization and can prove to be life threatening. 

I also enjoy learning more and more about the remedial side of it to know the facts that how these organisms living on or in our bodies cause these circumstances. I also escalate the epidemiological side of this, such as the organisms’ prevalence and disseminationbetween certain groups around the world. For the purpose of this particular assignment, I would like to research onacommunicable or infectious disease that troubles the inhabitants in this country. 

None of us can deny that United States of America has one of the most outstanding healthcare systems. Not only this it also accounts to one of the most affluent in the whole world, and it has such facilities and infrastructures in place that it could address as well as control infectious diseases in the country. However, we also need to focus on the fact that the rate of HIV is highest in this country(AVERT, 2019). HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a multifarious disease which not only weakens the immunity system of the infectedperson but also destroys the imperative cells that generate human immune system and fight illness and infections(AVERT, 2019). As per current facts, there is no realtreatment for this illness and this has made it a major worldwide public health matter and has stretchedrampant level in the U.S. 

One of the problems in this regard is that many people who are suffering from this disease are unaware about this fact. According to the CDC report, one in eight doesn’t have any knowledge that they are infected with HIV virus. The undiagnosed cases increase the chance of new cases by huge numbers. In USA annually, there are more than 50,000 new cases of HIV according to the CDC. The only silver lining amidst the clouds is that the number has gone down since it first began in the US. From a whopping 130,000 the number now is 50,000, but we have long way to go(Babbie, 2017).

Epistemology can be defined as the detailed study of knowing how and from where we know the essential and day to day knowledge. The study of existence, nature of reality and being is called Ontology. These explanations are provided by Dr. Patton. The epistemological assumption finds out the distinguishing factors between right beliefs and the opinion. This is done by taking actual part in it(Babbie, 2017). 

When the question is asked regarding the topics of our study, our methods and its existence that is called the ontological assumption. This seemingly complex concept can be shown with examples. When we see a table and know it is a table then epistemological assumption raises the question that how we know “that is a table or there is a table”. On the other hand the ontological assumption will put forward the query “how one knows that the table exists”(Babbie, 2017). The assumptions are very closely related and overlap each other at times. The two approaches are very helpful in the research purpose as research includes both belief and questioning the reality. The theory of knowledge and practical application are both encompassed under the ontological as well as epistemological assumption.

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