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Reflection Essay : Ethical Dilemmas in Organization Assignment Help

Write an analysis of the areas where you are strong in your ethics and the areas where you may examine further to define or improve your ethical stance. For example, how might you promote discussion of controversial issues affecting community or patient health?

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One of my biggest strongholds in the field of ethics is my ability to identify and understand various critical situations and address them to the best of my abilities. Even in this scenario I require improvement and continuous upgradation in certain areas such as understanding the details of patient communication and handling sensitive information. In case of dealing with community service or public health, the major importance needs to be given to the promotion of proper channeling of all information and data. This data channeling can be done through the process of continuous and enhanced discussion (Hugman & Carter, 2016). My main aim should be to address the issues regarding collection and discussion of protected data to ensure that all information is kept safe from public knowledge. My ethical standards can be improved by taking a strong stand with respect to exchange of information in in an official setup. Conflicting information and or data can lead to diversify opinions and ultimately to negative feedback.


The confidentiality is a major concern which needs to be looked into at all steps of the process. The moral standards of Public Health ethics very largely from the standards of medicine and as a result these two must br separated from each other. I need a broader perspective to understand the various techniques of articulating ethical frameworks and principles that will help to guide the public health in its entirety. I have understood that these techniques should involve but not be limited to a fair processing for procedural justice for the entire process as well as prevention of several health risks and harms by means of maintaining transparency and respecting confidentiality and human rights of all individuals participating in the program. Moral conflicts are encountered in these activities which also involve restriction of several choices at an individual level to prevent health risks in a community level. I have understood that the analysis of search in individual actions such as smoking in public places needs to be controlled by proper justification.

In my opinion, certain health choices maybe understood and addressed at the level of social decision making to regulate proper living conditions. The structural approach is criticized in several cases but it needs to be kept in mind that this can be altered through policy making and decisive actions (Banks & Westoby, 2019). I have encountered several issues in this regard and I have understood my need to improve the way I handle this situation of confidentiality and right means of achieving a favourable output.

Ethics is seen as a very important part of the society and it should also be viewed as the way a person behaves in a certain way. From a very personal point of view, I believe that there are two ways to view Ethics in professional life. At this juncture, it is essential to point out the drawbacks as well as the positive sides of indulging in ethical decision making. I strongly believe that ethical decisions should always be made in accordance with the pressing situation.


The ethical dilemma faced by me in case of understanding the nuances of Public Health, only becomes easier to understand that there is an impediment to going beyond what is essentially a part of the entire things. The negative aspects that I like to bring to the interest is how there are controversial issues affecting the society and it is incumbent on me as an individual to find solutions to the same. A personal or a professional ethical conflict can be resolved with the help of understanding the personal issues of conflict that encompass a decision making. The personal and professional conflict give rise to two different ways in which problem can be resolved and it is only with the help of promoting leadership skills and discussion a proper solution can be achieved. In matters of great conflict I have understood that community is affected and only ethical decision can be a way of moving forward with identifying different ethical steps that should be taken in a holistic manner. In understanding the capacity in a leadership role, I have understood that ethical dilemma can only be solved by understanding the different areas which should be properly examined and that has given me the opportunity to understand my drawbacks as a leader. The most important and positive side of leading a situation of conflict in crisis is to properly examine and understand issues for training to proper evaluation that should be formed as part of the growth. 

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