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Pro Social Behavior Assignment Help

Design your own assignment in which you implement five acts of kindness (pro-social behavior). Use your discretion, common sense, and modesty at all times. Do not put yourself in an environment of potential danger or harm to yourself. 

Write a paper of 500-750 words in which you describe what you did, how, where, to whom, and what reactions you perceived from others and yourself. What did you learn about prosocial behavior from this exercise in light of the material in this module''s readings and lecture material? 

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The term “Pro-Social Behavior” consist of volunteering, helping others in need, giving donations, sharing and cooperating with the others and this can be exhibited both individually as well as a whole (Piff et al., 2015). With respect to my experience, I exhibited all the five characteristics. It was during the summer holidays when I decided to visit my grandparents who were living more than 200 kilometers from the place where I live. I had to travel by bus and I started from my journey on a Friday night. The bus started for its destination at 08pm. Each of the passengers of the bus had their supper and the lights of the bus were turned off by 10pm to let everyone to sleep. I was feeling bored and hence decided to listen to a soft music and tried to sleep as well. The travel was smooth enough until the driver applied a sudden break and all the passengers woke up and found that the bus hit a car. There was family who was returning from their trip and was lying unconsciously. The driver was completely shocked while I tried to call the ambulance.

The ambulance arrived nearly 20 minutes later and carried the family. I could not control myself and dropped down the idea of visiting my grandparents and decided to follow the family to the hospital. The paramedics took them to the nearest hospital. Upon reaching the hospital I came to know that the person who was driving the car lost most of the blood while the other members were injured and had not lost too much blood. The doctors were running back and forth in order to check whether they were having enough B positive blood. The patient required another unit of blood that the hospital lacked and it was fortunate enough that my blood group was B positive. I stayed in the hospital till the morning and after a while I saw that the patient gained consciousness. Later the doctor introduced me to the whole family and stated that I had donated him blood that saved him. This made me identify my purpose in life and soon started a blood donation applications and donating blood. 

After the holidays when I got back to college, I shared the incident and idea with my friends. We started to develop the app and named the app “Life saver” and built up database with the details of the people and their blood group. The development of the app was successful and quick enough and the information of the app was shared with all the hospitals and blood banks as well as through networking sites. We also organized blood donation camps in different colleges and universities. Our friends also volunteered working in the different hospitals and blood banks after our college and so far we have been able to collect nearly 20,000 units of blood after spending 500 hours in different organizations. 

People started to call our group ‘Red Life Savers’ and we adopted the same name for the organization. While us out for volunteering at the hospitals the doctors introduces us to the patients who receive blood from our end. The gratitude that is expressed on their faces brings out unique feelings in our hearts that cannot be described in the words but the feelings consist of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. 

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