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Personal Statement for Admission Assignment Help

1. Use the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing).

2. Recognize the purpose and audience for a piece of expository writing. Choose and narrow a topic. Write an effective thesis statement with supporting topic sentences.

2. Compose expository essays that have organization, order, unity, coherence, and support.

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There has been always a constant dream of studying in one of the best universities ever since my schooling. I have seen most of my seniors working in reputed companies after completing their graduation from this University, which gives a sense of institution's reputation and their commitment to build future of its students. Personally, I feel that good institutions have adequate framework that helps students in developing broad skills, including interpersonal communication, leadership trait, and gaining insight about business strategies. This university have its strong track record of producing some of the best entrepreneurs and competent authorities in socio-economic sector. In brief, I can find right place to get education, with requisite training, coaching, and mentorship by getting affiliated to this university. The present personal statement details the motivation and reason to apply for getting admission in this university.

Extra-curricular activities

I wish to join the university because I believe that it can help in achieving accurate direction to my abilities and knowledge. I have completed my graduation from ABC College and have secured the outstanding grades in business management. However, I learned that the need to improve my communication and managerial skills to further level, is highly essential to develop strong leadership and succeed in my future endeavours (Nabi et al., 2018). I had good record of participating in competitive debate. For example, I have qualified twice for the international level where I represented the entire nation in Debate Championship and individual public speaking championship. I found that similar opportunities were highly facilitated in the said university, which can outshine my extra-curricular activities to significant extent. Additionally, I have participated in sport tournaments (xx sports) at regional, provincial, national and international levels. On a personal note, these competitions helped to become sociable, provide confidence to develop outspoken skills and increase the level of confidence. I believe being a part of this university, I can further enhance these interest.

Work experience

After the completion of my high school studies, I worked in a company as a part-time receptionist. The work experience helped me to identify the three most important things, that is, (i) team work and team cohesion is highly essential, (ii) able to handle pressure, and (iii) continuous development of competencies is a pre-requisite for success (Betta, 2016). I possess strong organizational skills and team working skills which can be reflective with my academic and work experience.

This university is also known for its training, commitment, and dedication in offering suitable platform to students. In this regard, I believe, I can get enough opportunities to develop interpersonal communication skills, receive simulator exercise to practice business strategies, and learn about marketing skills (Brink & Costigan, 2015).

In conjunction with my work experience, I have also participated in community-based event and activities, such as health promotion, child care, and breastfeeding practice events. Here, I discovered that my personal interest in ensuring customers experience, addressing the concern of community members, handle the responsibility as a group member of the team. Overall, it is my strong believe that I can get optimal opportunities to further strengthen my skills and practices to successfully accomplish future organizational tasks.


My key strengths can be described as problem-solving, leadership skills, able to make analytical judgments, which is reflected in most of my routine activities. As a team member, I am efficient in leading, developing strategies, and work on risk management aspects. This is also the prime reason for being chosen as the team leader in most team based events at college and community events. Admission in this university will help me in gaining the best of knowledge and experience related to business. With the help of talented professors and famous business management departments in the university, I can get the opportunity to receive maximum subject-related knowledge.


At present, I am looking for an opportunity where I can further pursue personal development along with career progression. I believe that enrolling in a business management course in your reputed university can make my dream come true. Based on my research for this university, I found the faculty members have excellent skills, as reflective through their publications and accomplishment. Furthermore, the university have wide range of activities to which students can participate, develop entrepreneur skills, think of innovation and strategies ideas for start-ups, and get sufficient practice on real-life business problems. Hence, it will be worth, being a part of this university to learn the subject matter and develop career in business field.

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