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Business Ethics in Leadership Assignment Help

How does ethics impact business relationships within an organization?

How can leaders and their leadership styles impact the ethical practices within an organization?

How does ethics impact an organization''s overall culture?

What you have how would you describe your approach to business ethics (i.e., What are your principles? What is your guide?)?

Conclude with a reflection on how the insights on ethics might affect the way you view your actions and thoughts in the future.

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There exists a strong connection between ethics and business relationships. Most of the companies are giving importance to ethical principles and policies for improving the quality of services provided to the customers. In this paper, we are critically analyzing the impact of business ethics, business relationships, leadership in developing an effective organization culture


Analyzing the impact of ethics in business relationship within the organization

It is the duty of the business managers to behave properly for getting positive outcomes from the employees. As per the report of Business Insider (2016), ethical rules and regulations help for improving the interpersonal and business relationship. Ethical values help for motivating the managers to keep a standard when they interact with executives from other companies. It also helps in retaining the employees for a long period of time.

Impact of leadership styles and leaders in implementing ethical practices in the organization

While analyzing the companies such as Starbucks and Ikea we can understand that their leaders introduced ethical practices and policies for improving the overall productivity of the organization. As per the report of the College of Education and Human Development (2015) in order for implementing ethical policies and practices the company required the support of leaders. Leaders help the employees to understand the need and importance of different ethical practices. Leaders or leadership styles also help for;

1. Setting and developing ethical standards and policies

2. Lead by example

3. Enforcing policies

4. Implementing CSR activities

While analyzing the example of SEMCO group CEO RichardoSemler (2015) he introduced different ethical policies and practices for improving the morale and overall commitment of the employees. IT giant Google introduced Google green program for managing the issues related to renewable resources. The CEO of the company created a specific team for implementing the program in a productive way. If the leaders are involved in developing ethical policies and practices it helps the followers to deliver quality results and services. Ethical policies and practices also help in introducing new changes and activities in a productive way.

Impact of ethics in overall organizational culture

Ethics help in developing an effective organizational culture and systems. Most of the business managers considered ethical rules and values as a tool for improving the culture of the organization. Ethical rules and policies are also helped in enriching the organizational commitment of the employees in a productive way.

My approach to business ethics

We consider business ethics as an effective system for safeguarding the assets of the organization. It also helps in retaining the employees in a productive way.

My ethical principles

1. Trust

2. Fairness

3. Self-control

4. Humility

In order for implementing ethical policies and practices, we have to consider the interest and behaviour of other people.


While analyzing all these aspects we can understand that ethical values and policies help for managing the personal and professional issues. It also helps in treating everyone equally and helps in understanding the problems of others.

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