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Performance Appraisal Systems Assignment Help

1. Describe briefly the performance appraisal system in your current or past workplace. Discuss a scenario option with your instructor in case you have no prior or current employment experience.

2. Choose a type of performance appraisal system that you would use as an HR manager in your workplace and explain why this would be an effective system, as opposed to the one currently in place. How would your approach to performance appraisals contribute to the achievement of your organization strategic objectives,

3. To support and defend your position, discuss the strategic disadvantages of other performance appraisals and why they would not work in your particular circumstances. 

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Current performance appraisal system in the workplace

The current system of performance appraisal in the workplace is the method of management by objectives (MBO). This is a result-oriented method and seeks to measure the performance of the employees by analyzing the extent to which they have been able to achieve the predetermined goals and objectives of their work (Biron, Farndale, & Paauwe, 2011). These "objectives" are typically established by the employee and their supervisor together and is based on the observation of direct results. However, there are several downsides to this system as well - employees may set unrealistic expectations for themselves and may lack the skills to conduct the much-needed reality check (Performance appraisal, 2010). The set of predefined objectives also imposes a certain amount of rigidity to them, which is quite often disliked in the present-day workplace, where flexibility is demanded by all workers across all departments.

Proposed performance appraisal system

The performance appraisal system that can be used instead of MBO is that of a 360-degree feedback method. This is an ideal system for the organization, as it will ensure that the input of the employees is valued when it comes to the effectiveness of their supervisors or managers. It will encourage the involvement of all employees across all ranks and departments and will take into account the manner of interaction they have with the individual who is being evaluated (Espinilla, de Andrés, Martínez, & Martínez, 2013). The employee's co-workers will be able to provide an anonymous and careful statements in the form of feedback, which will be dependent on their quality of work as well as their personality. There are numerous benefits that the use of this performance appraisal system will bring (Aguinis, Joo, & Gottfredson, 2011), some of which can be listed as follows -

• It helps to develop and strengthen the quality of teamwork and accountability

• It helps provide anonymous feedback to the employees being evaluated from a wide range of sources

• The procedural issues that might deter the employee's personal growth can be uncovered with the help of the feedback that is collected

• The areas that require development in the career of the individuals can also be better understood

• The tendency to discriminate and be biased significantly reduces among the employees, as they are responsible for providing constructive feedback

• It also offers a clearer insight of the training needs of the workers, especially the employee who is being evaluated.

As far as the strategic objectives of the organization is concerned, the use of 360-degree feedback system will create a culture of openness among all, thereby increasing the morale and confidence of the managers and leaders. Moreover, the empowerment of both the employees and their supervisors will work towards reducing the turnover rates, thereby helping control the management costs to a significant extent.

Disadvantages of other performance appraisal systems

A number of other performance appraisal systems are also available, but they are not suitable for the organization due to the following reasons -

• Forced distribution: This performance appraisal system will face difficulties in its implementation as it is suitable mostly for giant business corporations where there are a sufficient number of employees available for the rankings. Moreover, it will limit the abilities of the employees and make them feel like they are stuck in their present position, while also encouraging unhealthy competition as the workers will try their best to outdo their rivals (Peloquin, 2015).

• BARS approach: Known as the behaviorally anchored rating scales, this approach is again unsuitable, as it is expensive, difficult and time-consuming (Martin-Raugh, Tannenbaum, Tocci, & Reese, 2016). Moreover, the level of maintenance and monitoring required will be very high, as the BARS forms for the employees need to be created from scratch. This will also make it a very demanding challenge for the managers, who may not have the time and resources necessary for conducting the evaluation.

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