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Chapter Review Questions :

1. List four benefits of working in the health care industry.

2. Explain the difference between soft skills and hard skills.

3. List two reasons why health care workers must be aware of current trends and issues in the health care industry.

4. List three reasons why health care is expensive and the costs continue to rise.

5. Identify two ways that the Baby Boomer population will impact the health care industry.

6. Describe two controversial issues associated with health care reform.

7. Define continuous quality improvement.

8. List two quality improvement goals.

9. Define sentinel event.

10. Explain the connection between sentinel events and patient safety. 

What if? Scenarios

I. You're the leader of a team that includes a new employee. He has years of experience working in another hospital and knows morc than the rest of the team about operating the new high-tech equipment just installed in your department. When you ask hint to show his coworkers how to use the new equipment. he refuses by saying. '1 wasn't hired to be a teacher:' He mostly keeps to himself and doesn't get along very well with other team members. You're beginning to wonder which is more important: hard skills or soft skills?
2. You've been invited to participate on a conference panel next month to discuss the impact of health care reform on your profession. You really want to accept the invitation but you don't feel prepared. You've heard just enough about health care reform and the Affordable Care Act on TV to know they are controversial topics. You read a newspaper article stating that health insurance is changing and you overheard a heated conversa-tion last week between your father and uncle arguing about taxes. Medicare. and some-thing called an individual mandate. 
5. A doctor on your unit just ordered a drug for one of your patients. You're pretty sure that the drug she ordered will cause a serious complication with another drug ordered by another doctor just yesterday. You are new on the unit and not sure if you should speak up or not.
6. You really need the day off tomorrow but forgot to take your name off the schedule. You could call in sick but your absence would cause the staffing level to drop below what's safe for the patients.
7. You have just moved across the country to a new town and left your family and friends behind. Now you're wondering what might be the best way to keep in touch with every-one and share news about your new home and job. 
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Chapter Review Answers :

1. Working in the healthcare industry provides numerous benefits. First, the industry is rapidly growing and provides a number of career opportunities. Second, the employees are provided with higher pay and additional benefits as compared to any other industries. Third, it provides the opportunity to make other's lives better. Fourth, it offers flexible working hours, thus maintaining a work-life balance (Bercaw, 2017).

2. Soft skills in the healthcare industry are the personal characteristics of healthcare professionals to interact with patients and colleagues. It is necessary to deal with patients during a crisis or regular health situation. Conversely, hard skills are the technical abilities that involve examining or operating patients or handling technical devices. Hard skills can be learned or improved with training, while soft skills are the part of the personality that is difficult to acquire (Schutt, Holloway, Linegar, & Deman, 2017).

3. It is important for health-care workers to aware of current trends and issues, as it is having a direct impact on (i) patient's health and (ii) personal career. Drugs, medical devices and procedures are changing rapidly. Thus, articles, seminars, conferences and communication with people are the best source to gather recent information (Bercaw, 2017).

4. The three basic reasons for the increase in healthcare costs are (i) retaining highly competent health professionals and doctors (ii) funding on medical research related to drugs, devices and procedures, and (iii) expense on training doctors, and nurses (Bercaw, 2017).

5. The baby boomer population have long-term influence on the healthcare industry by consuming maximum Medical services as compared to other populations. Around half of these populations crossed 65 years age are alive till date. It is predicted that in 2030, every 6 out of 10 baby boomers will have a minimum of one chronic disease (Seale, LeRouge, Ohs, Tao, and, Lach, 2019). Thus, in future 55 million lab tests each year and 8 times more knee replacements will be conducted on baby boomers.

6. One major controversial issue in health care reform is the cost of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has resulted in a reduction in the growth of health-related spending. Another controversial issue is the federal government mandating the citizens to buy medical insurance (Bercaw, 2017). Even the cost of insurance coverage is more than that of penalties for non-compliance.

7. In healthcare, continuous quality improvement (CQI), is the set of actions for completing a given task and ensures that nothing went wrong in patient care. It includes tools and methods for identifying, preventing and reducing the impact of process failure (Johnson, & Sollecito, 2018). The purpose of CQI in healthcare standard to identify the problem and implementing the corrective measures.

8. The two primary quality improvement goals are: (i) eliminating adverse effects in healthcare such as bedsores or patient fall, and (ii) minimizing unnecessary expense on treatment, like keeping patients for more days than required, duplicating the blood tests (Johnson et al, 2018).

9. Sentinel event is defined as an unexpected occurrence or incident with the patient, which includes death, serious psychological injury, or physical injury. Each accredited health care system requires to define the sentinel event for its purpose, and prepare a plan to identify such reports and handle such types of events (Davis, 2016). After the event has been reported, the factors and process responsible will be evaluated and strategies will be made to avoid it in the future.

10. The Sentinel event is basically related to patient safety event which leads to death, severe harm or permanent harm. The purpose of addressing the sentinel event is to conduct an immediate investigation and help hospitals, those are experiencing such events and they can improve patient safety (Davis, 2016).

What if? Scenarios

1. Being the team leader, it is important to ensure the soft skills of the new employee while hiring, such as work ethics, character traits, communication skills, professionalism, patient care, practicum experience, and workplace relationship. These softs skills are important considerations while recruiting new employees as it is part of one's personality, and is difficult to change (Schutt et al, 2017). While to hire a health professional with hard skills like knowledge about high-tech equipment can be given through training.

2. Conference panel is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge from experts in different fields and increase connectivity. However, to participate in conference sufficient knowledge regarding healthcare reform is needed which can be inferred by reading articles, watching news related to healthcare reforms and communicating with colleagues and other people (Bercaw, 2017).

5. In case, if any health professional is aware of any future complications due to medications or treatment procedure, then he/she should inform the same to the supervisor or senior management (Bercaw, 2017). In this scenario, despite being new in the unit, I should talk to that doctor who has ordered the drug and alert him. Moreover, I will also communicate with the head of the department to release a public notice on the same in the unit, in order to avoid any serious complications.

6. For a healthcare professional, patient safety is of foremost importance. They should not compromise patient's safety in any case (Davis, 2016). In the given scenario, it would be appropriate to find a suitable replacement on my behalf to work for tomorrow with updating the name on the schedule. However, if a replacement is not available then I should not take the day off tomorrow.

7. In order to maintain connectivity with family members and friends, social media is the best platform where I can share personal messages, videos, and photographs of my new home and job. There are a number of social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube which facilitates messaging, audio calling and video calling (Sarker, Ginn, Nikfarjam, O'Connor, and Smith, 2015).

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