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Organizational Design, Structure, And Change Assignment Help

1. Identify a major issue the organization is facing and in which dimension (of the eight identified above) it is underperforming. Explain the ramifications the underperformance is currently having on the organization. Identify the likely consequence of failure to improve in the selected dimension.

2. Analyze the relevance of the current organizational structure, design, and culture and their influence on organizational effectiveness, especially in relationship to the dimension in which the organization is struggling.

3. Determine whether the organization embodies the principles and values of conscious culture and management and its relevance to improving organizational function.

4. Present a plan to bring about necessary improvement using Kotter's 8-step change model.

5. Address possible challenges to the suggested change and your plans for managing those challenges.

6. Explain how different subsystems need to be realigned in order to bring about the change.

7. Detail any lessons learned and evaluate strategies that you as a manager will either avoid or engage in when designing the structure, building culture, and managing change in your organization.

8. Present evidence from at least three scholarly articles to support your position and proposed change initiative.

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1. Major issues facing by Yum Brands

The main and most depressing issue Yum Brand is facing is poor quality of their products.
They also have issues in global competitiveness, people management, use of corporate assets, innovation, quality of management and long-term investment value.

In 2012, Yum Brand faced quality issues regarding their chicken in China as they contain more antibiotics than permitted (Fortune, 2013).
This issue decreases its reputation in the global market to a great extent.

2. Organizational structure and its relation to the issues

The aggressive business operation of the Yum Brands forces them to take certain decisions which is unwise for the customers as it creates quality issues of their products.

Their quality issue signifies there is lack of management present in their organizational structure.

Weakness in organizational structure reflects through their operations as they fail to provide quality service to their customers and train their franchises.

3. Embodiment of culture and principle to improve organizational structure

Lack of communication with their customers is present for Yum Brands.

The internal management structure does not value their customer first rather they value on their business growth over all other factors (Dunford et al. 2017).

They must regain their market reputation in global scale by strengthening their management structure and organizational aims.

4. Plan to bring improvement by using Kotter's 8 step change model

Yum brands at first have to select customer service first for better product and service delivery over aggressive business growth.

Then they have to create a clear vision to improve their product quality and communicate with their vision with by bringing various structural and operational change.

Based on small changes they can change their overall business structure in all over the world.

5. Possible changes to address change to bring desired improvements

At first Yum Brands have to assess their product quality by measuring different quality assurance tests.

Based on the result they have to bring change to their core business operations. They have to assure that every product including their chickens is safe to eat and does not any harm their customers.  They also have to communicate with their customers about their feedback on the products.

6. Realigning different subsystems to bring change

Yum Brands have to control their franchises about providing quality food and services to their customers. From manufacturing to management structure, all have to change to bring change to their business operations.  Food safety measurement department has to be more active to improve their product quality.

7. Lessons as a manager should be avoided or implemented

As a manager Yum Brands at first change their organizational goal from aggressive business growth to customer-centric business policy.  They must not compromise their product safety with their market profitability.  As a manager they have to focus on their customer service to satisfy them.  Yum Brands have to improve their reputation in the global market.

8. Evidence from 3 scholarly articles based on this scenario

According to Zhu, Anagondahalli & Zhang (2017), the reputation of the Yum brand has been greatly affected in China along with the global market where more than evidence came in hand where firms were feeding hormones to the chicken for fast growth used in Yum Brands' products.

As opined by Small et al. (2016), Bringing a change in the organizational structure in a step by step manner can help the organization to bring change in their overall structure and business operations.

As stated by Du (2016), Yum Brand has faced food safety issues countless times where this brand has been accused of using raw material which is not supposed to be used in the products to maintain food safety. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Organizational Design, Structure, And Change Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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