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Organizational Behaviour Assignment Help

Write a research paper in which you answer the following: 

Did any of the dimensions on your personality type surprise you? i.e., Were you surprised to learn you were an introvert when you thought you were an extrovert? 

Do you more closely align with any of the 4 dimensions on the scale? Why? 

Do you believe the MBTI is a useful tool for individuals to use? Why or why not? 

Do you believe the MBTI is a useful tool for organizations to use? Why or why not?

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Dimensions on Personality Type that surprised me

Personality typing is a system through which people can be categorized into different categories and can also be allocated with different tasks accordingly in the organization. Today, with increased challenges in the external environment, the role of the Human Resources (HR) department has turned vital as they need to train the human resources and make them perform as per the expectations of the organization (Raju& Venugopal, 2014). 

However, it happens that one individual will be able to perform certain specific task in a better way while another individual will be able to perform another task in a better way. Thus, the HR department needs to conduct Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test through which the HR department will be able to determine the personality of the individual and accordingly allocate him with the given task of the organization(Raju& Venugopal, 2014). 

It will thereby ensure of better job performance at a given workplace in a given organization. The entire test has 72 questions based on which one can determine the different characteristics of an individual. I appeared for the test and surprisingly I found that I am extrovert to a certain extent. 

I can sense the need of the situation and thereby can work on it accordingly. I never believed in such concepts and frameworks before but after applying for the test I found that I can even take better decisions on the basis of better judgement skills. I still need to improve on my perception skills and leadership abilities to perform better in a given working environment.

Alignment with 4 dimensions on the scale

The four major dimensions of this scale include - introversion v. extraversion, sensing v. intuition, thinking v. feeling, and judging v. perceiving. Once the test is conducted the individual is characterized into these four dimensions. 

It will thereby allow him to determine - whether he likes to work alone or in group, whether he can focus on his inner five senses and thereby understand the given situation or not, whether he can take better decisions or not, and also whether he possesses good planning skills and flexible working approach or not in a given environment (Park, Blenkinsopp, & Park, 2014). 

It will thereby allow him to adjust accordingly in a given working environment. Even, the HR department will then train him accordingly and will allocate him or her the different tasks of the organization. It will subsequently improve the working performance and overall organizational behavior of the employee in a given organization. 

However, the HR department can implement different mechanisms to monitor the performance of a given employee (DuBrowa, 2013); they can accordingly identify the gaps, if any, and thereby provide recommendations to improve the future performance.

MBTI - a useful tool for individuals

MBTI is a tool that can be used by the individuals for the purpose of analyzing their differentskills and abilities in a given working environment of the organization. It will allow him to identify his analysis skills, diplomacy abilities, performance traits, and even sentinels through which he can judge the given situation, work on it accordingly, and can submit the tasks in the organization within the given timeframe and as per the expectations(DuBrowa, 2013). 

He can also take the guidance of his manager and can work accordingly in the organization. It will allow the individual to measure his psychologicalpreference by working in a given organization (DuBrowa, 2013). On the other hand, it will also measure his ethical skills so that the HR department can either recommend him or can appreciate him in a given working environment. 

Today, employees need to improve their performance considering the rising internal and external challenges in a given work environment. It is thereby recommended to the individuals to attend this test and accordingly identify their strengths and weaknesses in a given environment.

MBTI - a useful tool for organizations

This tool can be used for the organizations for the purpose of determining the different skills of the employees of the organization. It will allow the HR department to learn more about their employees, their career approach, their expectations from the organization, and also about their key motivational factors that assist them to perform better at their workplace (Ashraf, Fendler, & Shrikhande, 2013). 

Today, one of the major challenges faced by the HR department is regarding the employee turnover ratio and it is their responsibility to motivate the staff and make them continue working in the organization. They need to motivate the staff so that they can perform better in a given working environment. 

On the other hand, even the staff should provide their reviews and feedbacks on the present HR strategies. It will allow the HR department to rectify their errors, focus on the strengths identified of the staff through this test, and subsequently achieve the desired objectives of the organization (Ashraf, Fendler, & Shrikhande, 2013). In some of the cases, the HR department will even identify a visionary leader that will help the organization achieve their long-term objectives in a given challenging work environment.

Self-analysis and Conclusion

Today, it is important for the HR department to understand the personality of the employee, explore their key strengths and weaknesses, and also determine their behavior at the workplace. With rising challenges in a given operational environment, it is found that the events of conflicts have increased a lot. It is thereby vital for the HR department to first make strategies that will resolve the conflicts and later understand the working approach of this staff in the organization. 

Even after appearing for this test, I found that I do possess better skills regarding - judgement, decision making, working in groups, effective communication, better negotiator, and also can handle managerial situations. However, I even need to work on certain areas of improvement. These include - leadership, taking decisions of others in their absence, and schedule management. 

Thus, this test will not only explore my personality but also my traits that will allow me to understand my role better in the organization. The HR department can similarlyconduct this test for all the staff-members and can accordingly formulate the strategies in the organization (Furnham, Nuygards, & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2013). It will thereby motivate the staff and also subsequentlyachieve the desired objectives in a given working environment.

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