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Cultural Awareness Assignment Help

Your task is to create a blog or webpage providing advice on doing business in a foreign country. Start by choosing a foreign country and research how their business is conducted. Then in your blog, share your findings and provide advice on conducting business properly to prepare colleagues and business travelers who will be visiting this country.

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Cultural awareness is a personal identification in lieu of doing business in another country or in anticipation of another culture. In my opinion, while doing business in a foreign land, one needs to interpret the data and also evaluate the culture (Acquaah, 2016). For example, if doing business in India one needs to be aware of the roots and insights of India. The Indian economy grows as it is a massive producer and has a consumption rate. The foreign business needs to understand the statistical figures, growth, development and the economic trends which can help the business prosper in the given land. 

Attitudes towards work & success

A research was conducted while doing business in the foreign land such as Japan and the USA. It was quite evident while the Japan people are quite self-sufficient and hard working there was a contrast in the business culture in America, who take things quite easy and believe in exports and imports. There is a great difference in versatility. To do business one needs to evaluate the authenticity, economic culture, and the growth prospect to engage the country resources with the growing business. To do business properly in a foreign land, the business needs to do PESTLE assessment for the external factors and the SWOT analysis to understand the business growing strengths and weakness.

Communication Style

Every step needs to be evaluated. There needs to be growing trends and developments which can help in categorizing the business. For example, if doing business in China, one needs to be attentive to bureaucratic and the diplomatic. As the country is known for the strict laws and regulations, all the parameters need to be evaluated. Similarly while traveling to various countries; it needs to also understand the environmental, health or any epidemic effects. For example, growing pollution concerns in India or China etc.  Discuss at least three of the following categories of business etiquette in your blog or webpage: 

Personal Space

The business needs to also evaluate the personal space invasion and adhere to the laws and development framework. Countries like China, Saudi Arabia have strict laws and governance. Any invasion from the law is seriously prosecuted (Madsen, 2015).

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