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ISY00243 - Systems Analysis and Design Assignment - Southern Cross University, Australia

Case Study - Natural Lee Business

Executive Summary - Natural Lee is in need of an order processing system with better functions in the areas of accounting, order management and analytics. The paper has presented the list of functions to be added and also advised better features like email campaigns, chat system and profitability rate per vegetable variety to be included at a later time. Functions of the user are projected in the form of use case and activity diagrams.

1. Write down a list of the main functions needed to be handled by the new system.

Main functions to be handled

Order management

- Setting inventory order arrangements based on priority to regular customers over standard customers as the former needs regular produce and shortfall of availability can be adjusted only with standard customers

- Two order methods - phone and online.

- Two premise options - home address and alternate address. The last option is to pick up directly from the farm.


- Two payment options - pay on delivery and credit amount that will be settled at a different time.

- Updating all metrics with units.

- Daily report sent to the management from the software.

- Sales metrics to farm owners on a daily/weekly basis.


- Storing sessions and creating wishlist for users to order them on the go

- Integration with social media platforms

- Automatic discounting feature when excess stock is recorded

- Production of monthly report, quarterly profit and loss statement and exception report

Cookies will be stored for each session. The 3 main sections that require better functions have been listed above and they are important for the stakeholders to achieve better profit rate.

2. What are the roles that will be interacting with the system?

Roles to interact with system

There are 5 roles that interact with this system.

- Customers - They can either be standard or regular customers but they influence the demand for the products sold by Natural Lee. They place orders, communicate with management and support the sales aspect of the firm.

- Farm owners - The partner firms of Natural Lee update the inventory available at their ends and receive sales reports at the end of the day from the system.

- Farm staff - They will be responsible to evaluate the demand rate for a product and also interact with customers for any queries on quality or availability. Such staffs will also decide on temporary discounts when stocks are overflowing.

- Phil - Assesses the reports generated by the system and the analytics of the users for a given period.

- Employees of Natural Lee - They play the major roles in taking this information system to a higher level. Right from accounting to supply chain management to integrating social networks to improving the technology offering, there are many things that these employees take into consideration to keep the business running.

There are also stakeholders like investors who might interact with the system at a later stage.

3. Write down a list of additional features which in principle could be included in the new system, but are more likely to be held back for now and considered in the future if and when the resulting information system is subject to later review and enhancement(s). Include the list with appropriate descriptions in your report.

List of additional features

Here are a few features for enhancement that should be considered by the team.

- Applying e-mail marketing campaigns to maximize the sales rate during discount times. These can increase the rate of returning visitors to this website and eventually, these can widen the customer base.

- Online chat system where users can just enter their IDs and chat with an administrator or agent of the system for queries. This can actually promote credibility and loyalty of the customer towards this brand. The switching cost lowers as the users get satisfied with the services offered by Natural Lee.

- Profitability rate per vegetable is mandatory. For every partner of Natural Lee who is a farm owner and supplies vegetables to the users, it is essential to know the profit gained for each vegetable instead of overall profit rate per day. This individual profit rate of vegetables can give them an understanding to plan prices and create essential demands among customers of Natural Lee.

All of these points can definitely improve the quality of the present information system and maximize the productivity with enriched sales rate and customer loyalty rates. Perhaps, these additional features can also give a better understanding on the business climate in the local market.

4. Using all the information that you know about the NL business so far, create a use case diagram (with all actors/users and use cases) for the new system and include it in your report. You may provide enough explanation about the use case diagram.

Use case diagram

The use case diagram to be presented below has all the information that a user might need and the process undergone by the user to place an order and receive it. Other types of users such as farm owners, logistics partner, payment merchants and administrator of the system also play different roles in the order fulfilment chain of users.

Natural Lee Business - Case Study figure.jpg

The entire process is highlighted step by step in the name of use cases and the information is stored in the internal information system and then used as inputs for different reports to be sent for internal users, farm owners and customers.

5. Select four use-cases and write a brief use-case description for them.

Use case descriptions

Use case - View available items

Description Existing product portfolio is displayed here.

Actor Buyers and farm owners

Precondition Buyer is registered and farm owner has an inventory of products to be sold.

Basic flow of events

1.      Farm owner updates availability.

2.      Buyer views available products.

3.      Chooses products of interest.


Products can be added to wishlist

Post conditions

Order cannot be cancelled

Special requirements

Actors are connected to the internet.

Use case - Choose delivery point

Description Buyers can choose if it is a self pickup or delivery to the house address.

Actor Logistics partner, buyer

Precondition Logistics partner is serviceable in the area mentioned by buyer.

Basic flow of events

1.      Buyer places the order.

2.      Two options are displayed - self pickup, delivery.

3.      If self-pickup, invoice is displayed.

4.      If delivery, address is asked.

5.      Logistics partner is notified with the invoice.


Addresses are tracked.

Post conditions Logistics partner can change serviceability.

Special requirements Buyer should be connected to internet.

Use case - Send customer invoice

Description Ordered products are notified as invoice to user.

Actor User, administrator

Precondition User has placed an order

Basic flow of events

1.      User has placed an order

2.      Delivery point is chosen

3.      Checkout is done

4.      Invoice is created

Extensions Tracking code can be provided.

Post conditions Invoice can be downloaded or emailed.

Special requirements Buyers with credit needs will see the condition of payment.

Use case - Store session information

Description Store purchase information.

Actor User, administrator

Precondition User has accessed the system

Basic flow of events

1.      User has logged in

2.      User has made some activity within the system

3.      Cookies are stored for every event.


Retargeting ads can be created.

Post conditions Email campaigns can be activated.

Special requirements Cookies are enabled

6. Pick one of these use-cases and write a full use-case description for it. Draw and use an activity diagram in the full description.

Activity diagram

This diagram is for the use case - choose delivery option.

Natural Lee Business - Case Study figure1.jpg

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