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Assignment - Team based Creativity and Innovation

The purpose of this group learning task is for students to become familiar with an Applied Creativity & Innovation model and develop skills in Deliberate Creative Thinking techniques by applying them to a real life challenge, and have the opportunity to observe and analyse different creative thinking processes.

1. Describe the starting challenge in the chosen situation of your group, identify the methods used to better establish and define this problem and clearly show the project focus.

2. Describe exploration and idea generation methods and techniques applied to your identified problem, and show what was found during exploration, and the ideas generated.

3. Describe methods used for evaluating and developing the ideas generated into possible solutions, and show the results, outcomes, solutions, designs, or strategies developed including any possible recommendations.

4. Include some reflection on the strengths and limitations of the methods / techniques used in your project.

5. Include copies of supporting documentation that show the group's work and application of creative techniques.

Solution - Creativity & Innovation

Executive Summary

This study on creativity and innovation mainly focuses on organizational perspectives. The study considered Huawei as the organization and the main reason for considering Huawei is in the recent years Huwaei has occupied a strong place in the global market, and the creativity and innovation strategies are the main reason behind such achievement by the organization. However, the company is also facing issues with this implementation. The study further suggests recommendations to Huawei to escape its issues.


After the internationalization process, organizations all over the world are exposed to severe competition. The number of new entrants in all the industry has increased, especially after the liberalization of trade and the globalization process. The business environment now has become more competitive one, and in this high level of competition, creativity and innovation have become one of the critical skills for the organizations, and this is due to the fact this creativity and innovation aids the organization to sustain in the competitive business environment by gaining the competitive advantage. Thus for sustaining the competitive business world, all organizations are encouraged to adopt creativity and innovations in its organizational purview (Steinke et al., 2016). In this current study, the significance of creativity and innovation will be explored along with the evaluation process. The study will evaluate the creativity and innovation from an organizational perspective. Further study will suggest recommendations for improving the creativity and innovation level.


Conceptualization of Creativity and innovation

Creativity is the most significant characteristics of a human being. This creativity factor makes a human being different from each other. Creativity is nothing but the generation of new and unique ideas. This creativity meaning is applied not only to human beings but also to organizations. However, to become certain creative motivations are also significant because these motivations play the role of catalyst for becoming creative. This creativity characteristic is very significant for innovation. Innovation is the process of turning ideas into usage, producing a new and unique product and innovate new processes (Perry-Smith & Mannucci, 2017). Thus creativity and innovations are interlinked to each other because creative ideas result in innovations. In an organizational perspective, this creativity and innovations both are significant because this leads to the improvement of the business processes, and this improvement increases the overall production of the organizational and this overall increase in production helps the organization to generate high revenues.

Strategies required for increasing creativity and innovation

Large, medium and small whatever be the size of the organization creativity and innovations are very important because this creativity and innovations aid them to become dynamic and act according to the changing business environment. Lack of implementation of Creativity and innovation results in the long term suffering for the organization. In order to implement creativity and innovations in the overview of the organizations, certain strategies are necessary to be developed because without proper strategic planning; these two aspects creativity and innovations cannot be implemented in the organizational aspects.

Types of innovation

In organizations three most common types of innovations which are visible can be enlisted as the:

  • Process Innovation
  • Technical Innovation
  • Administrative Innovation

Process innovation is the creation of a new process which can be production process, selling process and the distribution process.

Technical innovation is the innovation which shows the creation of new types of services and goods. This technical innovation requires Research and Development activities, and this type of innovation is implemented by the organizations to satisfy the requirements of the customers because with time tastes and preferences of the customers also changes and hence to satisfy their demand technical innovations are very necessary (Garcia, 2015).


Administrative innovations are the ones which are necessary for uplifting the production process because these innovations will ensure that productivity is increased.

Thus from the above types of innovation shows that they are interlinked to each other, and this is because all of these innovations work together for aiding the organization to move towards the path of sustainability.

Some of the strategies that organizations adopt to implement the creativity and innovation in their organizational aspects are discussed below:

Creating a ground for clear communications: This is considered to be one of the creative and innovative strategies for the organizational aspects. This strategy will aid the employer and the employees to work as a team and share ideas and increase the productivity level. This strategy mainly promotes organizational transparency in the administration along with with the creation of a ground that aids both the employees and the employers.

Proving access: Creativity, as mentioned earlier, is the creations from motivations hence applying this concept behind creativity it can be said that providing access to the people of the organizations aids them to stimulate their creativity characteristics. Available methods and tools will help the people's to nurture their creative skills, and this creativity enhancement of the people of the organization will ultimately boost the growth of the organization. Thus this strategy helps to reframe in a different way and face the challenges with prior anticipation and exploit the possible opportunities (Curtis & Sweeney, 2017).

Creation of diverse teams: This kind of strategy mainly aids to address the strategic issues within the organization. Diverse teams involve the creation of diverse ideas, and these ideas will help the organization to grow because these diverse ideas will help to overcome differences and chose the most optimal solution out of an array of possible choices.

Building and designing systems: Organizations always look for a feasible production process that will help the organization to gain a high amount of profit, profit maximization is the ultimate goals of the organizations (Cook, 2016). Thus this strategy of designing systems mainly helps the organizations to look for the low costs options considering the fact this option will help all the stakeholders of the company.

A change management mandate: Creating a mandate for adopting the changes is another strategy that organizations use to increase the creativity and the innovation level. However, creating a mandate is the result of good leadership because if this leadership is not there within the purview of the organization, this mandate will turn into a barrier to change.

Foster an environment that inspires creativity and innovation: In an organization, if increasing creativity and innovation is one of the goals then that organization will provide better coordination among all the units of the organization. This coordination will result in optimal creation of ideas. Thus this strategy mainly focuses upon the collaboration aspects.


Advantages linked with creativity and innovation

The most significant advantages that are linked with the implementation of creativity and innovation in an organization are:

  • Increases productivity of the overall organization
  • Resolves issues both within and outside the organizational purview
  • Advocates the organization in visible grounds (Toh & Miller, 2016)
  • Pose a threat to the competitors
  • Increases turnover of the organization

Disadvantages linked with creativity and innovation

Along with the advantages, disadvantages are also linked with the implementation of creativity and innovation in an organization, and this is:

  • Low efficiency and productivity (Litchfield, Ford & Gentry, 2015)
  • Losing market share
  • High levels of attrition
  • Reduction in profit level
  • Even leaving the industry

Implementation of Creativity and Innovation strategies and its evaluation in an organization

Huawei is one of the companies that is known for all types of creativity and innovation. This company was founded back in 1987, and after its evolution in the market, the company is able to maintain an optimal track. Company deals with the information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices. Companies headquarter is located in China, and after serving the domestic market company now has evolved in international markets. Currently, the company is operating in 170 countries with 188,000 numbers of employees ("About Huawei", 2019). The company initially was known for selling base stations and antennas, but after implementation of several strategies, the company now has become among one of the leaders in the industry. Huawei is considered to be the first company that has launched a smartphone in the market. From the evolution, itself company is known for its innovation processes.

Investment upon the R&D activities has enabled Huawei to develop first smart 7 nanometers for the processor of the smartphones, and this processor was named as Kirin 980 processor. The company was also known to be the first one who launched Leica Triple Camera for the smartphones. Thus the innovative process has enabled the company to hold its position strong in the competitive market. The company thus continues to invest in the creativity and the innovation field and even according to European Investment Assessment, and Research Regulations company stands in the fifth position in term of investment upon R&D activities. Thus from this investment in R&D activities by Huawei indicates that the company has implemented the technical innovations in its purview and this innovation has aided the company to reach its goals which are to provide digital enjoyment to all the individuals.


After the implementation of this technical innovation, it has been observed that Huawei's revenue has increased at a large extent. Even the growth of the company added to the economy of the country because the contribution from the company towards the economy also increased. Thus it can be said that after the implementation of the technical innovation Huawei not only enjoyed benefits by itself, it does have contributed to the economy too.

Creativity and Innovation Assignment figure.jpg

The above graph shows that the company's revenue level increased over the years and this is mainly due to huge investment upon the R&D activities. Huawei is a company which is driven by the requirements of the customers, and for this reason, technical innovation strategy is an appropriate strategy. The results are evident from the above graph because from 2009 only company focused on customer-orientated results and for this reason, the company even undertook some of the organizational changes.

Strategic innovation is another innovation which Huawei implemented in its organizational aspects. Huawei adopted the strategy of focusing upon the market, and for this reason, the company focused more upon markets and the users. The company started to establish strategies that will create value for its consumers. The company focused more on customers, and for this reason, the company produced a wide range of products that will satisfy the needs of different sections of the population. In this strategic innovation implementation, the company even started to focus upon its workers, and for this reason, the company adopted a policy of providing shares to its employees, the corporate governance model implemented by the company shows that employees are the most prominent shareholders of the company ("Corporate Governance", 2019). This strategy adopted by the company, which is mainly the administrative innovation strategy enabled the company to extract most of its employees, and this directly impacted the productivity of the company.

Huawei is a company that believes that a talent cultivates talents, and for this reason, the company initiated administrative innovation of providing training to its employees. The company simply aimed at nurturing the skills of its employees and enhances its ability. Recently the company has also adopted the strategy of selecting the best talents. The company believes that selecting the best talent will head the company towards the path of growth. Thus company's this strategy of implementing the administrative innovation has helped the company to produce innovative products because the employees here got the opportunity to share their ideas and these ideas turned into innovation and this innovation resulted in the production of wide ranges of products.

Creativity and Innovation Assignment figure1.jpg

The above picture shows that Huawei has various ranges of products. In 2013, the company campaign of Make it possible and this campaign by the company resulted in more customer base in the purview of the company. This campaign by the company was a huge success because of its visibility; company sponsored in the sports event to make the brand visible thus this innovative marketing strategy aided the company to increase its visibility in the international markets.


The process innovation strategy is also adopted by Huawei and this visible from the establishment of the company's B2B business models. After this implementation of the B2B model, the company becomes the third-largest smartphone brand around the globe. Thus this process innovation has aided the company to reach the top position. Company's strategy to fully cloudify all its products mainly shows that the company supports the digital transformations. Thus this process innovation shows that partnership strategy adopted by the company is the key to the growth of the company.

Among the innovative strategies adopted by Huawei, sustainable management is one of them. The company undertake several social responsibilities for social development; the company thus focuses on social development rather than its own development. Company has involved sustainability needs into its operational management. Company has developed a sustainable model by following the guidelines; the company even undertook evaluation management for checking the functions of sustainability management. In 2018, the company nurtured its tool for sustainability maturity assessment and conducted an assessment by considering dimensions such as capabilities and organization, planning, process operations, leadership and performance evaluation.

Creativity and Innovation Assignment figure2.jpg

Creating a cultural atmosphere for creation is another strategy that Huawei has adopted and for this company has developed a red and blue mechanism of confrontation, and the main motive behind such strategy is to eliminate development crisis. Huawei is a company that involves itself in criticism processes and corrects them. Thus this strategy by the company shows that the company has created a culture that encourages trial and error, innovations and failure tolerate processes. Thus this administrative innovation strategy by Huawei has helped Huawei to participate in the innovation process and achieve its goals.

Creativity and Innovation Assignment figure3.jpg

Disadvantages faced by Huawei for incorporating almost all kinds of innovative strategies in its organizational purview are:

Excessive inventory issues faced by the company because of its consumer-oriented strategy ("Recommend", 2019). The company, in order to satisfy the requirements of the consumer; have adopted the diversified predicts development strategy, and for this reason, the company is facing issues with the high inventory level.

Poor experience of the user is another issue faced by the company. Online users view the same sets of products which are showcased in the stores, and for this reason, online consumers experience has decreased.


From the above analysis on creativity and innovation, it can be observed that creativity and innovation adds a competitive edge to the organizations and for this reason, this is very significant for all the organizations to implement creativity and innovations. Now from the Huawei case study, it can be concluded that after the introduction of the creativity and innovation strategies in the company's purview Huawei has been able to manage a stronghold in the international market. Thus it can be said that both creativity and innovation are very significant in today's competitive world because this will add growth to the organizational aspects and help it to move towards the path of sustainability.


To improve the inventory management of the company because that will reduce the issues of excessive inventory.

The company must revamp its online website and add some more products which are not available in the physical stores because that will enhance the online customers' experience.


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