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Discuss whether it makes sense to focus on one of these types of music—classical, folk, and popular—over the others? 

The classical, folk and popular are the traditional composition of the music. The music origin is the main essence of the music. The musical scores and the popular sphere are ruled by the scores who are able to fit the given occasion. The instrumental music is considered to be vital within the classical period composers. The vocal music, like the songs as originated by the singer and through the vocal cords composed by the piano (such as the work shared by Schubert), along with choral works, and finally opera (composition music shared through the singers and orchestra) were the main essence during the given time period. 

What genres of music would be inappropriate to teach? 

Music changes as per the cultural mixes and the preferences of the listeners, but traditional music is the backbone of the music. The music popular sphere is defined by the performers that intend to shape and alter scores in order to originate to the occasion. Even the folk (or traditional) sphere is defined by the performers. The music genres are appropriate to teach to the vast majority of people as they are the backbone of the music (Román-Velázquez, 2017). Without knowing the composition of traditional music and the history of music, American music would be baseless.

What kinds of American music might you include in one semester, and do they span classical, folk, and popular music?

Most of the American music still composes of the folk music, instrumental and the vast majority of the composition of the music. As the American music is fine customized set of the traditional folk music, so it makes sense to make it part of the contemporary music world. So in one semester, it would include the mix of all the classical, folk and popular music.

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