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MR2329 Technical Systems For Motorsports, University Of Central Lancashire, UK

Course Title: FdSc Motorsport Management and Logistics

FdSc Motorsport Competition Car Technology


Learning Outcomes: 1. Analyse incoming data with reference to historical data and make recommendations.

2. Use appropriate information technology in various motorsport situations.

3. Collect and evaluate race vehicle data, process and display information in an appropriate format

Question: Select two technical systems from a motorsport vehicles powertrain and/or chassis system. Critically analyse the system and the role in which technology plays in improving the performance of this area.

Answer: Introduction

Background of the subject: Racing cars and the whole global competition around it is a very profitable market if the products delivered are right and if the products are able to attract the right kind of people. Therefore, there are various motorsport companies around the world who deal in the industry of manufacturing or producing race cars and bikes that are the only technologically advanced but are physically and mechanically smart as well. The evaluation of the works would be done aligning the specific management of the information.

Statement of the importance: This paper deals with the technologies that the race car companies use in the modern and scientifically advanced world in order to produce efficient cars. The comparison to the technology used in the past will be detailed as well. The main reason behind the development of the research are the comparison of the two engine systems namely Fuel Cell System and Combustion Emission Control System.

Description of title: The title of the research is for developing the impact and analysis of the work and aligning the impactful formation is deployed for the evaluation of the machine learning development. The evaluation of the two types of machines system Fuel Cell System and Combustion Emission Control System for the evaluation of the works.

Purpose of the Portfolio: The portfolio would be developed for the influence of the works and developing the evaluation of the machine learning for evaluation. 

Definition of terms: The concept of automobile system development would be done for enabling the utilization of the works and managing the information for enduring the specific development of the information. The alignment would also endure the specific use of the facilities aligning the integration and development of the works.

Overview of the Structure: The structure of the report includes the selection overview of the two systems in motorsports, historical data and recommendations, and race vehicle data.

1. Allusion to historical data and recommendations

According toParker and Hargrave(2016), the game of racing cars started years back. The cars used in that era were not so technologically advanced and neither were they as safe as the cars that are manufactured today. The speed or the models of the cars are in no way comparable, but, the idea was generated long back and the improvements have started from that time onwards. The modern form of racing is a system that is based on the technological advancements and the scientific discoveries that make the cars competition ready as the clubs are profit oriented (Larsonand Dietz, 2017). There are a lot of corporate sponsors who invests a lot of money in the competitions and expect a lot in return. Politics of the state or of the nation is involved in it too as the competitions have evolved from being a local event to a worldwide phenomenon where hundreds of drivers take part and thousands of spectators observe (Parkerand Hargrave, 2016). However, the concept of historic racing differs from the modern racing as it is an opposite notion as a whole. The various systems like Fuel Cell System and Combustion Emission Control System are being evaluated for the development of the evaluation of the works. The comparison of the works of the system is deployed with the integration and evaluation of the works.

The concept of historic racing was concentrated to a specific era and is more of a hobby. The people involved with the racing were hobbyists and not corporate officials who have hundreds of dollar invested in the competition. There were no political undertones as well because the competitions would take place locally involving a few people (Remaneet al., 2016). The vehicles that participated belonged to a specific era or time and the safety measures and the precautions taken regarding the security of the drivers are the only modernized things in this hobbyist competition. The historic racing does not only limit itself to cars but can also be in form of road racing as far as rallying. The evaluation of the works for considering the evaluation of the works. The alignment would be done for the enduring of the system and defining the effective formation of the effective alignment of the Fuel Cell System and Combustion Emission Control System. The alignment would be done with the usage of the works for enduring the comprehensive usage of the works and aligning the information management.


The timing of the racing is used according to the modern technology as well (Remaneet al., 2016). The Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Goodwood Revival, the Monterey Historic, etc., in Britain and the United States of America are notable events of historic racing. The competitions and the championships have various range and starts form the Austin Seven form of grass root racing to the competition of FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Championship for the classic chassis of Formula One. The drivers and the teams that take part in the historic form of racing are although professionals, they are mostly wealthy individuals playing for fun (Betzet al., 2019). The contest of this kind of auto sport takes between amateurs compared to the racers of Formula One or NASCAR. The data for the emission of the fuel cell is given below,

Combustion Rate In Automobiles.jpg

Figure 1: Combustion rate in automobiles (Combustion Emission Control System)

The normal kind of racing on the other hand involves grand technological experimentations and testing to be better than the rest of the clubs. The engines have been developed and the hybrid engines save energy with the brakes and the heat storage in the batteries to gain a thrust while racing on the track and as a result to gain advantage in the competition (Betzet al., 2019). HANS Device or Head and Neck Support Device are used in the racing sports for the drivers to save them from injuries that are fatal. The technical system of roll cage is also used as a safety device in racing as well as a connection to the chassis suspension that helps the engine to increase on a substantial level the torsional rigidity.The alignment would be done for the enduring of the system and defining the effective formation of the effective alignment of the Fuel Cell System and Combustion Emission Control System. The alignment would be done with the usage of the works for enduring the comprehensive usage of the works and aligning the information management.There is a system called MYLAPS Sports Timing that helps the motorsport industry to keep accurate time and to provide better security to the drivers as well (Nicholsand Savage, 2017).

The companies like Hendrick Motorsports uses the technical systems to adjust and read the aspects of racing like the:

• The pressure of the air in the tire.

• The tune-up requirements of the engine that are manufactured according to the track that the car will be racing on and according to the weather condition of the place as well.

• The texture of the asphalt that the track is made up of.

• The distribution of weight all along the car.

• The flow of air throughout the engine of the car (Nicholsand Savage, 2017).

• The weather that involves the temperature, the direction in which the race will take place as well as the speed of the car.

Fuel Cell System.jpg

Figure 2: Expenses of Fuel Cell System

The hybrid form of technology that is used in the race cars of Formula One is to make smaller engines that can have the same power. The turbos that are part of the engines have become a hit amongst the mass car producers or manufacturers and they keep up with the pollution control laws as well (Petherbridgeand Khan, 2016). They are economic to produce and companies or clubs face smaller amount of losses if they lose a car to an accident. The hybrid technology uses a mechanical system that has the concept of flywheel to store and to recover the kinetic energy and then channel it back to the engine for support. Then there is the Kinetic Energy Recovery System that was developed by the team William F1 in the year 2008 and has been readily adopted by all the car production companies. The introduction of the gearbox that is semi-automatic and the gear paddles that are flappy by the team of F1 Ferrari in the year 1989 has also benefitted the racing car aspects. The response of this kind of gearbox is similar to the manual gearboxes but the convenience that it provides it that of the automatic gearboxes (Petherbridge and Khan, 2016). There is no gearstick and neither is there a clutch. The flappy paddles behind the steering wheel help in the shifting of the car. The alignment would be done for the enduring of the system and defining the effective formation of the effective alignment of the Fuel Cell System and Combustion Emission Control System. The alignment would be done with the usage of the works for enduring the comprehensive usage of the works and aligning the information management.

The first carbon-fibermonologue chassis was used by Porsche 959 in the interior of McLaren F1's and the cabin for the MP4/1 car was developed. The car faced a dramatic and horrific accident at Monza Grand prix where all took him for dead, however, the strong cabin saved him and the material was an instant hit (Kassim, 2016). The difference between the past form of racing and that of the present have shown quite clearly that the technology have evolved along with the safety standards of the drivers as well and with a shift in economy the materials can become available to all and be used in the mass production units for normal cars as well.


2. Information technology in motorsport

The technology initiatives that are taken for the improvement of the race cars are done by the tech-pros who take part in different units of the motorsport industry in order to improve the information technology of the cars and to implement them within the vehicles (Kassim, 2016). The racing and the racer of the modern world rely on the logistics of the sport. Therefore, there are software and application developers, data scientists, performance engineers, systems engineers, etc., who make adjustment in the technology of the car that makes the car advantageous. For example, the telemetry data of real-time is pumped by the race cars in to the cloud. The teams that participate in the competition build tolls of analytics and leverage the concept of machine learning to improve the performance level.

Fuel Cycle.jpg

Figure 3: Fuel Cycle and Combustion Output

The use of the notion as of remote networking, database development, VMware and cloud as well as data virtualization is used for diagnostics and Big Data analytics (Kassim, 2016). The tracks that are used by NASCAR are under the process of getting an up gradation form the use of Wi-Fi to the use of network made of fiber-optic. The use of the software such as the NX Nastran, STAR CFD, Siemens PLM Software and CAD helpsin the handling of the specialized programming concepts that has to be taught to the mechanical engineers to help them code it. The use of the advanced braking system has improved the efficiency of the brakes and has helped the driver have better control over the car. This has been implemented within the cars to avoid sudden accidents and crashes that are quite common on the race track (Brownet al., 2018). The electronic stability control or the ESG and the traction control or the TC helps the race car driver to go around the corners of the track quickly and without losing the control of the car. Then there are the turbos and the superchargers that has also become part of the commercial cars. It has helped boost the performance of the cars without putting much impact on the economy of the companies and the clubs. The supercharger helps in the elimination of the lag that is associated with the turbo engines (Brownet al., 2018).

The concept to aerodynamics has also been developed in order to flow past the air when the car is in motion. The design of the car improves the process of aerodynamics and is mostly an exterior change than an internal development. There is also the concept of network reliability that has been developed by NASCAR as well that has improved their cars that take part in the competitions on a worldwide basis (Brownet al., 2018). The sensors that are used by the cars help in the acquisition of data and the control of the sensors for the engine and chassis control in the motorsport is significant too. The sensors are used in Formula One, GP2, NASCAR, MotoGP, IRL, BTCC, and other series of racing. The technology has helped the cars to withstand the high amount of g-forces as well as the severe vibrations that the drivers embrace while racing at elevated temperatures (Huet al., 2019). There are different kinds of sensors:

• Throttle position sensors or the TPS in racecars are used in the monitoring of the position of the valve of the throttle that has been mounted on the body of the throttle. The sensor coverts the position in the signal of proportional voltage that the engine control unit intakes.

• Suspension monitoring sensors balances the set-up of the suspension (Huet al., 2019).

• Sensors of gear position and of control make the vehicle quicker as well as consistent.

• The clutch position and control sensors are clutches of high performance race cars. The driver can change can gear while driving through a race by only pressing a button that exists on the steering wheel.

• Brake caliper LVDT sensors

• Pedal positioning monitoring sensors monitors throttle and the movement of brake pedals.

• Brake master cylinder position sensors (Owenet al., 2015)

• Brake balance adjustment sensors

• Steering angle measurement sensors are mounted on the steering columns and the steering racks.

Fuel Combustion Chamber.jpg

Figure 4: Fuel Combustion Chamber


The engineers today look for a variety of aspects that were absent in the cars of the historic days. The engine RPM, speed, steering angle, longitudinal G and throttle improves the data quality and as a result the car quality. The tires have evolved as well as the suspension. The input of the driver influences the performance as well. In the year 1911, the first win in the Indianapolis 500 cam because of the innovation of the rearview mirror (Owenet al., 2015). In a similar way the development and innovation done by the research & development units for the technological advancements have helped the whole idea of racing reach a very secure stance that not only heightens the competition but also saves the drivers from fatal injuries.

Conclusion: The details that the paper produces regarding the technological advancements in the motorsports industry and the technical systems of efficient quality used in the race cars proves that the industry that the motorsport company provides is profitable one. The technical changes that have come around in the engines, designs, models, software units, and in every possible part of a car gives the idea of how competitive the clubs are that takes part in the competition and that they can go a long way to formulate an equation that will help bring guaranteed success to the car, the driver and the company manufacturing it.

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