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Market Study on Warehouse Equipment Assignment Help

Given introduction on Market study on the dissemination of warehouse equipment in Oman

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Warehousing is mainly an old conceptionthat is followed in Oman and the country has highest number of warehouses in Muscat. A specific force that drives the warehousing market ofOman is the locations where the warehouses are located and along with that the increasing of the numbers. Warehousing is considered to be a midway to the trade corridor that leads the country to be an ideal stop for goods before they are being transported from the country to various parts across the globe(Ken Research 2019).

Over the last few years, Oman has been experiencing some rapid developmentsin their retail market and along with that there is an on-going increase in contemporaryshopping across the country. Warehousing in Oman is gaining notorietybecause of the economic diversification, upgradation of airport facilities and sea port facilities within the country, enlargement of the industrial parks and initiating of various free zones within the country(Markets 2019).

In correspondence to the increasing volume of cargo outputat Omani ports, warehousing is a market sectionperchedfor economic growth in the country by fulfilling the requirements of transporters by searching for a proper location to store goods. Across the global industries of warehousing including that of Oman, Just-in-Time and Just-in-Case manufacturing processes are trending. This is because they conduct their services with the purpose of getting rid of the wastes and discrepancieswhich are negatively impacting on the overall productivity of the country(Ken Research, 2019).

This research paper will perhaps depict some light on the distribution of warehouse equipment in Oman and determine the objectives, the research question and methodologies that will contribute towards the fulfillment of the research.

Background and Definitions

Warehouses are mainly referred to the outlets of the supply chain where the products are stored, and requires labour and expenses.Warehouses help in responding quickly during times when there is a change in demand (Karásek 2013). In Oman, worthwhile as well assuperiority services for customers against all their logistics services requirementsare provided by the Third-party logistics (3PL). One of the main components of this worthwhile delivery is theextensive warehousing and dissemination facilities of the 3PL companies covering a wide range of Oman. Skilled workforces and automated machines work as the pillars behind this cost-effective services(Export-u.com 2019).

The dissemination facilities provided by the warehouses are enlisted below:

Various types of warehousing facilities - open storage, dry storage, temperature controlled storage, chemical storage and many more.

Various types of packing services which includes industrial packing, profile-raising packing, picking up and packing services, repackaging services,cataloguing services, knotting and securing services and few others

Fumigation as well as required protection amenities for the cargo

As per the market study, Oman is continuously facing few constraints in the distribution process of warehouse equipment. Those problems include:

As the population of the country is less, the value of the consumer market is not high while it exceeds the capital area. The market competitors are Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Along with these there is a conflict of interest due to the division of the government and the private sectors.

This research paper aims to shed some light on the issues that occur during the dissemination of warehouse equipment in Oman identifying the reasons behind those constraints. This research paper will further discuss about the factors that will contribute towards better warehouse equipment distribution in Oman by conducting a market study.

Significance and Scope

The significance of the topic in terms of research is to showcase the importance of transformation of the warehousing facility of Oman in order to overcome the infrastructure blockage of the service along with overcoming the funding problem for increasing the handling capacity of the port and developing the transportation facility with other countries(Logistics Middle East 2019). This research paper aims to conduct a market study on the distribution of warehouse equipment in Oman with the help of which there will be a clear understanding of the warehousing facilities of Oman along with marking the problematics. As the research will be conducted with the help of market study, this research paper will highlight ways of developing the infrastructure, standardizing the warehousing equipment, provide access to effective cost credit, fragment the market with organized players to compete, solving power outage problems, developing transportation facilities and reducing its cost, implementation of proper tax regime, developing of IT penetration and conducting effective processing.

Along with the growth of e-commerce, there is a continuous problems of the warehouses in providing or distributing products to the consumers effectively(Markets 2019). Therefore, the scope of this research paper is the development of the industrial solutions within Oman.

Research question and objective

The research question for this research paper is:

‘What are the steps that can contribute towards the betterment of the distribution of warehouse equipment in Oman?'

The research objective of this research paper are enlisted below:

To identify the position of the warehouse market of Oman

To identify the services that contributes in dominating the warehouse market of Oman

To identify the factors that contribute towards the development of warehousing industry in Oman

To identify the factors that are contributing towards the better distribution of warehouse equipment in Oman

To identify the factors that will increase the consumer value for the warehousing industries in Oman

Thes is overview

A short background about the topic is provided and discussed. The background involves the factors that are positively and negatively impacting on the topic. This chapter further includes the purpose of warehouse and states its current situation in Oman. Lastly this chapter talks about the aim of this particular research paper.

The significance of the topic is studied. This chapter talks about why this topic is important in terms of research. Along with that a brief discussion the scope of research is also provided in order to reveal the scope of the chosen topic in terms of research.

A research question is provided related to the topic and along with that few research objectives are determined reflecting the research question.


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