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Political Science Assignment -


Identify and explain two reasons why the United States only has two major political parties.

To establish an American Two-Party System., there are majorly a set up of the two major political parties includes the system of the Democrats and the Republicans. In here the parties are also labeled as a duopoly, described to be the share of the political power existing in the country (Nohlen, 2018).

It is also evident how there can be an engaging U.S. political system that can have a primarily based for two major parties, which generally also based on the awarding the seats in Congress along with taking a presidency route for the winner of all method.

It exclusively also include the candidates that are also including the Congress to win in against the plurality of the vote which can be elected.

What features of our election system make it difficult for minor parties (sometimes called third parties;) to gain support? Make sure that you EXPLAIN both reasons.

In the American system, the role of the two major parties which includes the Democratic along with the Republican parties (Nohlen, 2018). The third parties are in the minorities an even includes an exclusive part of the American political structure which is designed to support the two-party system, third parties. it even includes the steps to influence elections, and even the role of the third party is a minor role in the positions. With the involvement of the third party that has widely influenced the American political parties to include the two distinguishing parties of the Republican and Democratic parties. The role of the minor parties is described to have a major role in the influencing parties as to the collate and also build with the 32 distinct association of the ballot-qualified political parties. It even includes the 230 state-level parties that are unprecedented to be recognized as multiple states.

Actual election SYSTEM (media's role, or about the actions of private individuals such as the [like campaign donors]).

The role of the electoral college system is described as an exclusive system in which every state would be able to gain a certain number of electors that is dependent on the total number of representatives within the Congress. Each of them influences the media with the funds, campaign donors and elect elections exclusively.

In other words, focus on how we COUNT VOTES, STRUCTURE BALLOTS, or otherwise MANAGE ELECTIONS to explain why third parties tend to be unsuccessful in our system.

In other words, the parties at risk have an exclusive role of the splintering wand to include a major role of the third-party candidates. It is even described as voters favor that can exclusively include the party's political ideas that can have a no choice exists in between the two candidates that can support such principles. It even includes the party that would be losing the election, but still with support would be able to win with a plurality through the support of the other parties.


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