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HUMN4001 Case Management Models Assignment Help

Briefly describe the two case management models you selected. 

Explain two strengths and two weaknesses in the two case management models. 

Explain how each case management model might be applied to the case studies.

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Strength & Weakness

There are different management models which have been seen to come from one time to the other time. The choices are completely depending upon handling the purpose as to how the appropriateness is handled. Along with this, there is a categorization of the different strengths and weakness. The strength includes the management of the strength-based case, brokerage and the case management for the generalist. This also involves the management through the intensive case and the clinical management of the case is done through the different ways in various forms. I would like to select the clinical management case and the intensive management case over the other models of the case management. The strength is also related to identifying the client and then plan about the different successes (Frankel et al., 2012). It includes the potential to overcome the obstacles with properly assisting the rediscovery of the strength and abilities. The clients are also responsible for handling the engagement with the recovery planning to rely mainly on the people and organizations.There are weakness in the pogroms which are not only for the rehabilitation for getting its best but also some of the methods which includes the requirement of skills and then planning over the competency with the gross capacity planning.

Case Management Models Description

The case managements are linked mainly to handle the strength and weakness. There are merits and demerits with clinical case management that holds the clinical therapy with the services that provided with handling specific treatment methods. They are practices and then there are rehabilitation programs for setting in place(Frankel et al., 2012). There are weakness in the programs which are not only for the rehabilitation but also for competency with the gross capacity planning.

Here, the intensive case management requires to handle the weakness and the strengths which are set under a model. There are strengths which include the details for the counseling of services and then reaching out for the assertive factors where the services are handled through the crisis intervention which tends to make the model stronger. The weakness is minimal with not only including the different commands but also the effect which relates to the management of the clinical cases. There are treatments which are based on the intensive care and then there are passive model which are not appearing to be consistent as well. The crisis tend to get the problems of handling the end and then there are weakness about the no-consistency with the loss on ground. 

Case Management Models applied

As seen, the model are defined for the case management which are including the ways where the clinical case management is completely different from the intensive care management. There are important forms with case studies that are concerned about handling the clinical case management with providing the therapy activities (Battilana et al., 2015). The rehabilitation approaches that tend to reach out and teach about the different skills of treatment and psychotherapy. The major focus is on assessing the crisis level with planning about the clinical therapy with the referrals that are for following up with the clients and then planning about the recovery standards. This includes the expertise to focus on the needs with the experiences to confirm on the social work with the approaches that holds the field which are effective. 

There are case management selections with intensive management deals handling the counseling service and other assertive approaches (Harding, 2017). There are case management which includes the planning of the clinical therapy and handouts, with approaches related to the rehabilitation. There are other activities which include the planning of counseling as well. The intensive management model has been associated to focus on the different factors over the outreaching approaches which is assertive with inspiring the crisis intervention. gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated HUMN4001 Case Management Models assignment help services at best rates!

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