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Cheating Clauses Assignment Help

‘Cheating only has consequences if you get caught!'

Support or refute the above statement, making reference to existing and credible research on the topic to provide a strong basis for your argument position.

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Consequences of cheating:

The consequences of cheating can be inevitable and can result in the long term reputation damage, Not only it psychology it affects the person, but it also affects them mentally and result in the long term, Some of the consequences faced due to the cheating and the related issues are of the class failure, suspension and expulsions, academic failure and the compromised reputations and also facing the legal consequences if caught. Cheating in any form should be discouraged as it would only lead to failed results in the overall success,

The ethics and integrity are compromised due to to the cheatings, even if one is not caught. The moral implications and the reason to answer oneself are evidently faced, due to the cheating. For this, one should always focus on the hard work and forget about the results, in order to evade from the intention of the cheating.

The trust, credibility issues are also faced due to the cheating results. It needs to also tackle per the breach of trust, compromised reputations, issues faced in the form of bullying or breach of conduct from the fellow students, teachers, employees, and employers. Due to the cheatings, the guilty feelings, emotions of the compromised ethics cannot be faced by an individual alone. It has to also maintain a balance with the customer,s community and the family, a while being caught, it would only result in the long term consequences.

- Due to the cheating, it also results in the academic issues that would relate to the academic capability and as per the idea development. Cheating in any form is also one of the ethical dilemmas which would lead to the breaches and the subsequent problematic challenges.

Cheating can also leas to the societal issues and one has to face problematic challenges in the form of the cultural issues along with the advancement / continuing development in terms of the knowledge.

Cheating can cause immoral issues and one has to face a dilemma of the restricted issues of the growth and mortality (Hofstede, 2010). The subconsciousness and the issues of the overcoming the guilt, the embarrassment of facing oneself can simply be a problematic challenge. It is important to understand the dire consequences and the repercussions which oen can indulge in cheating in such forms. Cheating even if not caught can lead to the long term consequences.

Cheating can also lead to the career issues along with the lack of skills / knowledge that can evidently also lead to the complexities in the form of the complete employment tasks and also would be an unreliable person, who would be thought of someone that is constantly been stealing from employers and also working on the stealing identity form of the financial, data, ideas etc.

Consequences of cheating can cause serious repercussions effects and can also result in the long term implications of the compromised ethics, morals and values. It can lead to high unethical frameworks (Cascio, 2015).

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