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Oedipus the King Assignment Help

Pick ONE of the following discussion questions and answer it in a well-developed (compelling title, introduction, thesis, body, conclusion, work cited) essay. Make sure to use textual evidence (quoted material from the play) to support your ideas. Post your results to the Discussion forum and respond to at least two of your classmates' posts.

1. Find two examples of dramatic irony in the play and explain why they can be classified this way. Are there other kinds of irony present in the play? What are they?

2. Discuss the symbolic significance of sight/blindness in this play.

3. Is Oedipus really a tragic hero? What is his flaw, and how does it cause his downfall? Consider that his pursuit of the truth is based on his desire to help his people, because the city will not be saved until the murderer is found; consider that the prophecy is not of his making, and he does not know he has fulfilled it. But also consider that the behaviors he exhibits can be construed as hubris, and what those behaviors might be (or have been in the past). In other words, is Oedipus a victim of the gods' callous play with mortal lives, or is he in some way the architect of his own doom?

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In the play Oedipus the term blindness is used both factually and symbolically. Blindness can be regarded as the main theme of the play. By saying "blindness", though, is a slight deceptive. It can be explained in two ways like Oedipus's capability to "see", and on the other hand his readiness to "see". The quote given here goes perfectly "The truth is strong, but not your truth. You have not truth. You're blind. Blind in your eyes. Blind in your ears. Blind in your mind".

Oedipus, who is the King of Thebes, does have physical sight but in the play he is blind to his background. Oedipus's apparition and intellect have made him a great king. But the play shows that he is blind to the fact about his individual life. The characters have been portrayed blind in two different ways. Tiresias is blind to the physical world, on the other hand Oedipus is incapable to see that the prediction he once escaped from has now come true. Satire is applied into the play with sight of Oedipus and blindness of Tiresias. "Now he has eyes to see with, but they will be slashed out; rich and powerful now, he will be a beggar, poking his way with a stick, feeling his way to a strange country". This quote describes the blindness of Oedipus.

One can say that sightlessness here subsidises to a total theme established within the play. The theme here inspects the limitation of human and insecurity. Oedipus is somewhere assured that he of course could not have been the killer of Laius and bringer of the outbreak so parenthetically, when Tiresias reacts with the vowed prediction Oedipus hears "nothing but a baffled traitor's rage". One can say that Oedipus signifies a man who is short-sighted in many ways.

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