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Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health? What role do they play in the promotion of public health?  

Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health is an organization that contributes to public health by facilitating research and training on disaster medicine and public health. The members of this organization are provided with required resources, the tools to retain inter professional interaction and discourses that are basically related to the area of public health and disaster medicine. This organization helps to improve the skills of professionals in this area.

Some of the global organizations that work for public health are

World Health Organization

United Nations Children's Fund

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (, 2019).

CARE International.

What mechanisms do they use?  

Their key mechanisms are

  • researching on health issues and epidemics
  • upgrading medicinal usage and medical practices
  • Research on upgrading health management methods and tools
  • Using promotional campaigns to make people aware of diseases or reasons for them
  • Funding for research and promotional programs for improving public health and wellbeing

Its researches help in identifying upgraded methods for improvement in the mentioned areas. education, training and research are the three areas that they focus on in order to promote public health (, 2019).  They provide training, helps to conduct research by arranging fund and tools, publishes the research findings.        

The European journal of Public health, American Journal of public health, is some other publishers that helps in promoting health awareness by publishing the newest findings of researchers.          

Do any publish a peer-reviewed journal?  Would you join one of these organizations?  Why or why not?  As a second step, identify an article in a juried (peer reviewed) publication related to public health.  

The European journal of Public health is one such house that publishes peer reviewed journals (OUP Academic, 2019). I would definitely like to join theses organization in order to undertake research so that I can find out some new easy methods that improves public health. Joining such organizations would also help me enhance my knowledge and get accustomed with renowned personalities in this field.

The identified article:

Holly Jarman; Legalism and tobacco control in the EU, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 28, Issue suppl_3, 1 November 2018, Pages 26-29,

Why did you select this article?  

This article is peer reviewed and published by one renowned publisher that is European Journal of Public health. The topic is also very relevant for modern generation as the issues and controversies related to tobacco may reduce the health issues emerged from it (Holly Jarman, 2018).    

What impact has it had or might it have?

This would help to understand the applicability of policies associated to tobacco usage and the loopholes in them   

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